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5 Qualities of a Great Coach

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5 Qualities of a Great Coach


amal metwally says:

Thank-you so much … Very good advices 👍👍👍 positive thinking to everyone who watches your very good video 👍👌👌👌 great thanks to You 🌷🌷🌷 and wish me luck in Success 🌹

Blue Irish says:

My sons middle school football coach is a total idiot. he wont allow parents at practice, he wants you to communicate through email. My son is trying to learn and some days him and several others kids dont even get to practice. He play ironman football the whole game. My son asked what he needed to work on and the coach told him "nothing". BTW I have never been officially introduced to the coach. he will speak to the starters parents.

B Boilore says:

Brad so great to see you and loved this video!! You're a fabulous coach and always appreciate your wisdom! Being Great Buddy! Lisa Boilore

Sidanii Bell says:

Super helpful and informative video! Thanks!!

Rhys Bailey says:

thank you so much there i coaching in school pe lesson 3 time a week

THREAT Sports says:

This is an excellent video. Not only do I love the content but the layout is much better that the usual coaching video. I have subscribed and look forward to more content

jbird Perez says:

This goes out to those great coaches out there … thanks ! for outstandin job you guys performed.
Ray Galaze.. my pop warner coach , High School .. this guy was a true leader and outstandin .
Lawrence Galindo . . pop warner coach , big brother , trainer.. defence coach ..True Leader .
Joel Canales… .Ranger commander…. Direction , skills, .. outstandin
Mr Chirst .. 6th grade teacher.. motivator, outstandin
Mrs. Roper… 4th grade Math… she was a teacher
Brother Medina … Pastor .. inspire
Ralph Mohica .. my son baseball coach a true leader motivator and director . Mann he was outstandin with his team. kids learn and played well for him .
Coach Willie .. this guy could lift anyone and bring out the best.
and last my PoPs…. 82nd Airborne , Dad, Coach, Father, the Best ..Numero uno # 1 …

You guys are AMAZING .. never complained about anythin in life. Just high energy powerful True Leaders .. …thanks you very much !

MrUlfang says:

Great information on becoming a Great Coach.

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