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90-Days to Building a Successful Coaching-Business BluePrint

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http://www.GetMoreClientsAcademy.com – a step-by-step “road map” to building a sustainable and profitable coaching business. MARKETING Plan/Schedule suggestions & strategies included…

Download your The 90-Days to Building a Successful Coaching-Business BluePrint @ http://www.getMoreClientsAcademy.com – check out the additional FREE bonuses as well!

Here’s your link to the Niche-Marketing/Niche-Discovery eBook: http://yoursuccesschecklists.com/nichemarketing/


Rajesh Malhotra says:

A another really professional and porfitable way of building your own
successful coaching business practice in 90 days´╗┐

GetMoreClients says:

Great point…! … on repurposing content. I’m not familiar with
TranscriptionPRO, but check ’em out – transcribing your webinars and
teleclasses can help you in many ways: create articles, blog posts, create
eBook, book or book chapters, etc….

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