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A coaching session from hell

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Michael Brown demonstrates how NOT to coach someone. He reckons there are at least 20 errors here that he is aware of: see if you can find more!

We have recently shot a new series of videos supported by learner guides and training materials. Our How NOT 2 YouTube channel has excerpts.


Bruna Rocha says:

Something you should never do is memorize what you should not do because
your unconscious mind will memorize it and you will continue repeating the
same things over and over.

zombieboy30 says:

Oh no, I’m a supervisor of 5 months and I do the same thing. I really
appreciate your short videos. What an eye opener. 

ElisaPessoal Mueller says:

Hello Mark, First of all, congratulations on your “worst practice” video on
coaching… I loved the way you managed never to allow the “shy coachee” to
say anything! I will be facilitating a course next week on coaching and I
would like your permission to use your video..Also, could you please send
me the “20 what not to do” you mentioned (I would like to see how it
compares to my list…) Best regards, Maria Eiisa Mueller

makingthelink says:

Ricky Gervais, watch out!

Ecmeimei says:

Dear Mikebrown007, I would like to use your video for a presentation I am
deliverying for my company on “grow yourself”. This film is very good and
hope you could allow me to use that for my team. We have around 60 people
who will be at the presentation. Many thanks for your consideration and

Michael Brown says:

Thanks Farnoosh. How do you know I was acting?! There are plenty more where
that one came from – check out my channel for another version where Spencer
coaches me (and is way nastier!). We are planning to do How NOT to Present
next, and How NOT to be Interviewed. Watch this space!

Michael Brown says:

Hi Maria Glad you liked the video, and that you plan to use it. Send me an
email and I’ll send you our list of mistakes. I am
michaelbrowntraining@live.co.uk Best wishes. michael

Michael Brown says:

Hello Sue If you send me your email address i will gladly send you our list
of “answers”. My email address is michaelbrowntraining@live.co.uk Best
wishes Michael


omg hilarious!!!

Rachel Foster says:

Absolutely brilliant! I laugh every time I watch it. Thank you

Michael Brown says:

thanks for the comment, Melodie. Yes, painful to watch, and painful to
film! we improvise these things entirely, so it felt quite real. I did not
know I could be such a !@#$%^!!!

Michael Brown says:

Hello Mr Nadesdan Please let me know your email address and I will send you
the list of errors. Best if you email it to me at;

R.A. NADESAN says:

just viewed your brilliant video on “how not to do a coaching session”.
Could I use it for a “not for profit” training program on coaching. Please
could you also send me a copy of the 20 errors,would be very useful for
discussion. Any other suggestion or material which would add value to the
program (2 days) would be most welcome. Thanks and regards R.A.Nadesan

Mireille Lucas says:

Hello Michael. Great video. So funny! You are the new John Cleese. I will
use it in some of my courses with your permission. Thank you!

Michael Brown says:

Hello Certainly, please feel free to use it, and thank you very much for
asking. I would love to know afterwards how you get on: my email is
michaelbrowntraining@live.co.uk Best wishes Michael

Bryan Lubic says:

Excellent example of what *not* to do, and how *not* to do it! Painful to
watch (in a good way!). Scary because it’s very easy to relate to….who
hasn’t had a performance review like this? Ugh! Thanks for sharing and
getting us to see what it should *not* be like!

Michael Brown says:

Rachel, your comment suggest you watched it more than once. How come, are
you a glutton for punishment?! Glad you enjoy it anyway 🙂 Check out our
others in similar vein. Michael

melodieDeLaVie says:

disasterous session loooooooooooooooooooolll.really really funny, though
!!V really good to watch..!

Michael Brown says:

Hello Veronika Please feel free to use the video. Could you send me a link
to the website when you have published it please? I have looked at the
email address I have given you, and it looks ok to me. Would you mind
rechecking: it is : michaelbrowntraining@live.co.uk Best wishes Michael

Sue Andrikidis says:

Hi – As a trainer I would also like to use this video as a ‘What not to do”
video. You say there are at least 20 errors or more. I wrote a list but
wonder if you could share your 20 ‘things not to do’ with us to make it a
more effective learning tool. Appreciate your help – I really enjoyed it
and will use it next week – 23 / 24 Oct 2012. Sue

PolarisLearningLtd says:

Good video on how not to coach an employee!

Farnoosh Brock says:

Brilliant Michael. You are not just a great coach and workshop leader. You
are also an actor (you’ve been holding back on us ;))! Well-done. Very
well-done! Please, more of these videos….!

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