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A Short Coaching Session with Mike Roarty

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For those who may have been offered a coaching opportunity by their organisation, but are unsure about what is involved, this video is a good example of a short coaching session.


TheJanicek007 says:

So you get paid for repeating what your client says for the most of the session. Omg. I learned absolutely nothing from you. Dreadful. Sorry but this is inexcusably bad…..

Prashant Chauhan says:

This is excellent. I feel you need to upload more videos, you are a very authentic speaker in front of the camera and I feel very connected.

Dorit Noble says:

Good clear establishing of client agenda, outcomes wanted, measurable results and asking for where the client is right now before moving into the main coaching and where they want to go.

Mike Bubeck says:

This is a good example of the profession of coaching. Thank you for sharing.

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