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Alissa Duhon, Certified Professional Christian Life Coach – Life Coaching for Women

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In this video Certified Christian Life Coach Alissa Duhon, CEO of UFlyy Success Coaching for Women, discusses the four environments of your life and how important it is to examine them to determine where you are in your life. These areas help you pinpoint the current condition of those specific areas of your life and help you to begin making adjustments to move toward your hoped-for future!

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Please call: (855) 55UFLYY – 1.855.558.3599

Send your coaching requests to: info@uflyy.com

Website – http://www.uflyy.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/uflyy

Twitter – http://twitter.com/uflyy

Coach Alissa Duhon, life coaching for women
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Evanie Clay says:

Awesome!!! Very good information. I’m taking the leap!!!!!!! Evanie

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