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ANA PS4 Review & Guide – Coaching the Many [P1]

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IT’S JUST A SCRATCH! An interesting question drew me to look at this PS4 Ana game – namely how this player is only making it to Bronze Healing in this match. Let’s figure out why while discussing positioning, maximising our healing uptime, and some of the differences between console and PC play.

Part 1: https://youtu.be/YUclROQffp8
Part 2: https://youtu.be/hu4-UKHjH6k
Part 3: https://youtu.be/3GvBRYt4ENQ

If you want YOUR footage looked at, send a recorded game to OAMReviews@gmail.com with the [Hero Name] and [Rating] in the title, and a quick description in the main body! If you’re a Twitch Subscriber, include that in the title!

These are done LIVE at http://www.twitch.tv/ESL_OneAmongstMany on Friday and Saturday nights at 10pm GMT! Come join us! — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/esl_oneamongstmany


Squid Recluse says:

22:49 We may not have as accurate aiming on console, but we got that slide.

Jon Hudak says:

Symmetra is Theft

Aifanny says:

I noticed that this player does not scope at all when healing. Try to get in the habit of scoping in and out a lot, kind of like quickscope heals. Not only is it instant, but easier to land as well. I am using 70/70 with a scoped sens of 55 and it works wonderful for me.

huckmart 99 says:

to me, ana is one of those heroes that you need to play on a very consistent basis in order to maintain your skill. i also tried to add her into my hero pool. and i got very good with her. but i noticed when i went back to playing her after taking a very short break, i was god awful

DASH64 says:

Ugh hate when fellow console players who dont mess around with their sensitivity and aim assist settings. This guy's sensitivity is waay too low, dude can barely even turn around.

Missilemage says:

For people enquiring, my sensitivity is set to 20 Vertical and 10 Horizontal. It's super low, but this is my first FPS and I had to lower it when I started in order to hit anything. I appreciate all the helpful comments, my Ana certainly needs a lot of work.

Ant Khan says:

No quick turn button. just push the thumb stick harder

Blue Hysteria says:

I play on PS4 and basically just play Ana. The reason for the low healing is because they weren't hitting the shots. By the end of the match, the Ana had 60/50 accuracy which isn't great. Also, their sensitivity is way too low. It's better to have higher sensitivity (at least with what I've experienced) since you can flick shot your teammates easier. Ana has a scope too c: so use it more c:

SWilliams says:

~21:00 min, life advice by OAM

benignProtagonist says:

Nah, Soldier was just holding down on the right stick. He probably has a high sensitivity.

The scoreboard on PS4 comes up when you push down on the touchscreen on the controller. I believe it's… Select on XBONE?

Elijah C says:

Aim assist makes tracer super good on console :/

Michael Wong says:

As a support, this Ana is clearly not baby sitting the teammates which is what a support should generally be doing. The player is also prioritizing damage over healing. (mr obvious here)

Yasir says:

Level 125 ps4 anyone want to play

Waffle Warrior says:

Great review, please do more console!

Waffle Warrior says:

this ana has a very very low sensitivity

iplay4us says:

Diamond on PS4? So Silver on PC? No hard feelings, just how it is also a reason why I switched from PS4 to PC

Deven Luca says:

Good 2B background…

Murilo Freitas says:

Yay console vod review for my main. ITS A MIRACLE!!!!!! Thanks Josh.

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