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Atul Gawande: The Difference Between Coaching and Teaching

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On Wednesday, October 24, HMS and HSPH Professor Atul Gawande applied his observations from the fields of sports, music, schools, and medicine, to a discussion of how different professions produce top-level performers.

Read more: http://www.gse.harvard.edu/news-impact/2012/10/atul-gawande-the-difference-between-coaching-and-teaching/#ixzz2B62a52nW


finn frotscher says:

whats the name of the essay he is talking about at @31:45?
or the names of the authors. samwer gorwiz and allesar macantire?! google
doesnt find anything :/


diligences, fallibility, details, ingenuity, competent / excellences,
ignorance / inept.

mouth bask says:


Lourdes Menendez says:
Laplante Nave says:
Venugopal Malayattil says:
Joel Renee Estes says:

Coaching Transformation 

Steven Fulthorpe says:

I like the idea that its not bad vs good but more good vs excellent

2GunsUpZ says:

Starts @ 2:49

PheromoneAuthority says:

Thats interesting…

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