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Before and After Coaching

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gbay99 says:

Sorry for the lack of videos this month. The 31 days of daily streams has really made it tough releasing stuff consistantly. However today's the last day of all that, I'll strike a much better balance next month of videos and streams and grind to master 🙂


kostni gamer says:

Did you actually get banned??

Deus Vult, Infidel says:

9:58 best part of the video

Antoine Castle says:

I love the most basic sincerity in your videos. They're painfully familiar (in a good way) and are helping me cope with the stress of the meta!

James Lee says:

This guy reminds me of Mcjuggernuggets…

ZugzogTV says:

You can coach on league for IRL cash and upload it to youtube for more $$ but get banned for coaching in World of Warcraft.. LOL maybe i shouldve got good at league

Idotzoar66 s says:

Irelia won't get you anywhere, that champ was not meant for greatness

Fik-Shun says:

Nice video! I'm glad you got coached, you seem much more happy with the way you are playing after the coaching session. Keep getting better!


are you good at draven

Kodosuro says:

Gbay your build was not good this game. You need to adapt better. You should have went bork and last whisper(blue one). You should also have went mercury threads. The cc denail fucked u up big time especially after the big nerf irelia's passive has taken. Not worth at all to go tabys that game.

Vetryx Blackfox says:

In one video he explained he will never be coached…

JanHai butts says:


D3Rius says:

Congrats man! You are playing away better i can see the difference between this 2 games
Keep up the good work and Dont forget to play with your brain ! Have a nice day.

Timo Reiss says:

The caitlyn afk'd btw after you took the first tower. It doesnt make sense to say "Maybe they would've came back because caitlyn was doing well" xD

QcCuber4 says:

I watched the entire coaching vid with you, Adrian and LS. I applied everything he said in that vid and so far have won 4 games in a row. I even managed to apply some of the macro oriented stuff to my support fill Bard game, through constant objective control and smart positioning. Its quite satisfying.

meme machine says:

ok ok we get it ur not money hungry stop with the 9:58 videos

Eduardo Taveras says:

@gbay99 with this same mentality, you can play darius and do even better because he thrives in tank meta because they cant really kill him while he gets max passive on a tank then dive a carry

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