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Bob Newhart-Life Coaching

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My New Coaching Method! Lol! visit http://www.seanknows.wordpress.com to follow my blog


craig I says:

love Bob Newhart!

Jimbobfrey says:

Two words for you to take away and incorporate into your life: STOP IT!

Mary Avila says:

This is so hilarious people….and all I can say is stop it!

John Burbage says:

Some times the answers to life’s problems are a lot simpler than we think.
Consider Bob Newhart’s advice in this video :)

Eddy Hood says:

For all of us who would like to overcome a bad habit, fear or thought. This
is pretty funny. Bob Newhart-Stop It

Dean Rollo says:

Life coaching :)

Kerstin Dutiné says:

Stop it :-))) … 

Leondre' Leonard says:

This sketch is classic MadTv

Lisa Lipscomb says:

What do you think? Is it really this simple?

Liliana Menegon says:

Do you want overcome fear and bad habits? ” we definitely don’t go
there…” This is the best therapy :)

Coast to Coast REIA says:

For all you new guys just starting. You are going to want to ask questions
and say, “But why would they say/do/think like that. This video should help
fix that… http://youtu.be/MDpyS2HN5SA

Ck Mic says:

Brilliant – laughed out loud … love the fact that he recognize he doesn’t
do counseling – hilarious

Alejandro Garcia says:

captions in spanish please Sean… 🙂 

Chiara Maioni says:

LOL i guess thats the whole point!

Katherine McCullars says:

Do you get this about your life……..

Aldona Fiszer says:

Just STOP IT…Brilliant!

Wesley Keewatin says:

I viewed this and was it ever funny I was laughing in my office and my
co-workers must have been wondering what was going on! It indeed made my
day! lol Thanks

Groovy Reflections says:

Do you want to overcome fear and bad habits? Bob can help!
Bob Newhart-Life Coaching



Otto Hunt says:

For all of us who would like to overcome a bad habit, fear or thought. This
is pretty funny. Bob Newhart-Stop It

CoolStuffZone says:

Bob Newhart is a comic genius. His sense of timing is just brilliant.

Jane Stephenson says:


Kelly Marshall says:

And I shall post Stop-It in my bathroom and everywhere else!

Maria Giggles says:

absolutely love it

CoolStuffZone says:

Mo Collins is pretty freaking funny too.

Owen Peddle says:

Lol I love it

PatriotRising.com says:

Classic 🙂

BalinChandraBai says:

“…We definitely don’t go there!” Ahahaha!

Heidi Guttermuth says:

“We don’t go there….just STOP IT!” lol

1squeez says:

Now that’s the kind of therapist I need.

Delbert Warner says:

$5 psychological advice.

You can pay me later.

Angelo Surname says:

Salve prof! Viva la scuola e la 5a M!!!

Jenna Zelman says:
Ana Amador says:
Sharrie Rohwer says:
Adam K says:

$5 psychological advice.

You can pay me later.

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