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Bronze 2 Riven Coaching! 71k Mastery Points Riven

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Hope you guys enjoyed this coaching video, and hope you enjoyed the format where I broke down the laning phase this really should help my lower ELO audience with trading and laning on Riven.

If you want to skip past the intro coaching starts at 6:50 but I had to be fair to the person I did the coaching for I wanted him to understand why I chose to do it like this

Support the artist who made the BB riven in the thumbnail 🙂


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Exil says:

If you want to skip past the intro coaching starts at 6:50 but I had to be fair to the person I did the coaching for I wanted him to understand why I chose to do it like this

Reinout janssen says:

tnx bro, it really helps already 🙂

Riven Main says:

https://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=sexy+bunny pick me daddy im really tilted

Piass Lopes says:

I'm Brazilian and I see your videos, it's a bit difficult to read the caption since the altomatic translation is not so good, but I learn a lot with your videos, I'm bronze 3, I serve BR and I have 80k of riven. Thank you for the videos.

DontCryBeHappy BG says:

is it bad that i'm watching this video not because I wanna play riven but instead because I wanna be able to stomp on other riven players 😀

Eric Special K says:

LOL, 72 farm on that Ashe in min 10. Damn, low elo xD.

Simon Huang says:

Hey exile u should know me by now. I really need help I watch your videos 2 or more time and I just cant win. I have 200+game on silver 400k+ mastery. Just got demoted to silver 4(10time) silver3(11times) silver2(4times). Can u plz plz coach me I made mistake differently than other silver player. I play riven about 2years. My ID is nofrad.

Sigwa LoL says:

Hey Exil,
I am Sigwa, I recently discovored your youtubechannel and I've been playing League of Legends for a while now. I currently main GP, but also tried Riven a few times and I think in a few weeks I will get level 30. I am feeling confident in my abilities, but I still don't really know if I should play ranked yet. So could you maybe give me some advice for my first games or ranked games in general?

Cel mai mare pacatos says:

Bro u made yourself this intro? it is really cool and soothing

Julien Randrianandrasana says:

Wtf is that chicken scratch lol

David Dick says:

Hello Exil,
I hope that u can coach me one time, im starting to main Riven. At the beginning i feed my enemys always but now i win the lane mostly. Im Bronze 3 and cant climb because i cant carry maybe u can help me out that would be very nice. I am fed but cant carry.

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