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Business Building: How to Start a Business & Life Coach Business

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Erickson Business Center for Coaches:

Are you a life or business coach that wants to learn how to get coaching clients? Do you want to learn how to turn your passion for coaching into a full-time business? Do you want to learn how to market your coaching business?

The Erickson College Passion Into Profit is a 6-month online business school program for coaches. The course provides you with proven tools and strategies for converting prospects into paying clients. The program also teaches you how to be a successful entrepreneur and create a bullet proof marketing strategy.

“It is one thing to learn how to be a great coach, it is equally important to be able to launch your ‘business. Teresia LaRocque has proven herself to be one of the most successful coaches in Canada and has evolved a highly effective business building strategy for coaches.”

~ Marilyn Atkinson PhD, founder and President of Erickson College International


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Thank you for your feedback! We will redo the audio track!

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