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Business Coaching from Joe Polish – Is Selling Evil? – Genius Network Mastermind

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Business Coaching http://www.geniusnetworkmastermind.com
Is Selling Evil? Selling is getting someone intellectually involved in a future result. Sales is the oxygen of business. Business and economy can not exist without sales. People love to be sold to, they just hate to be pressured. Any time tell someone about a movie, book or program, you are selling. The same works for products and services. This is some of what you will learn if you receive business coaching at the Genius Network Mastermind.

This $25,000 per person group is comprised of some of the most
 enormously skilled, focused, and brilliant business minds on the
 planet. Members meets several times each year, in small groups of 
20-35 people, for incredible discussions of “bigger future goals” that 
generate elegant ideas and solutions.

This is a group of people making a minimum of one million dollars a
 year (several making much more) without big egos, who are battery
 chargers (not battery drainers), who know the value of mastermind 
discussions and the power of connection and collaboration.

Each Member follows the philosophy that “all money earned ethically is
 a byproduct of value creation.”

These Mastermind events are generally two days, two times a year
 and consist of special expert presentations from a wide variety of
 individuals with incredibly valuable wisdom, free-form brainstorm,
 some “hot seat brainstorm” time, and some structured time for sharing 
valuable entrepreneurial ideas and concepts, processes and tools.

First, here is the “short list” of reasons why joining Joe’s 25K Genius Network Mastermind would be a great investment for you:

The GN Mastermind Value. The GN Mastermind is our giant “Idea Playground” that is a living laboratory for marketing and business strategies — created, shared, tested, and tweaked to make us money in the real world. This group is a catalyst for our creativity to jump up to even higher levels and creating the action plan to implement those ideas.

The Focused BIGGER Thinking. Our meetings are days for you to have concentrated time on how to push the envelope and create even more outrageous results in your business, and to get direct feedback from the other incredible minds in our group.

The Networking Opportunities. Even beyond the opportunities you have with Joe and his network, in 25K, you are surrounded by potential JV partners, endorsers, connectors and resource providers.

The Answers. This GN Mastermind is like the GOOGLE for businesses… any skills or advice you are seeking, an expert is either already sitting in the room, or we know an expert in that field to connect you with. Interviews, books, courses… Joe is a Connector of 25K Members to the solutions to their challenges in any area of their life.

The Return on Investment. The services Joe seeks out, from consulting to 1st rate copy-writing to campaign testing, all those results he’s invested in, gets funneled into this group to build from. The dues for the Membership are the “marketing investment fund” that Joe leverages into content and capabilities which everyone in the group benefits from… this program literally pays for itself several times over.

The Positive Energy. There is no group with that has as much positive energy charging people in it as 25K. It is the place to “get your fix” of motivation, inspiration, and energy to go back to home base with.

The Positive Pressure. We facilitate great discussions, contributions, and brainstorming. Because others are so open about sharing (there are no egos and no holds barred), it creates a positive pressure to go out test new things and share with the rest when we meet. It’s absolutely a motivator.

The People. You have to admit… this is a group of some brilliant and ballsy entrepreneurs. There isn’t a man or woman Joe has not personally picked to be in the group, because he knows they have something unique to add value to our network.

The Status. This is not a group for slackers, duds, or nobodies. This is a place of innovation & extremely outside the box thinking. Hell, it’s outside the friggin’ BUILDING thinking and it gets everyone jacked up. Only “A-Players” are in this ideal Idea Playground.

JOE! Joe is a connector of people, projects, capabilities, and ideas. And his plans for the remainder of 2011 (and beyond), the “gurus” he’s bringing in to share their wisdom, wares, and talents with 25K, and the crazy ideas that he tests, make it an investment you will NOT want to miss. Just wait until you see what he’s got up his sleeve!

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