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Business Coaching: Start Up – Raising Money For Your Business

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Siimon Reynolds profile the top tips and strategies to raise capital and also what to look for on your exit.


farai tsvakirai says:

very imformative excellent job guys

JB Simmons says:

Thank You! Great Video!

Strell Mar says:

Thank you very much for sharing this wisdom. This is very motivating and informative to a beginner like me.

Sa Gs says:

Is it relevant to ask the banker for approved business plan and just redact the names and some points??

Chin M C says:

Tkns for the comprehensive overview of raising capital for business

André Guérin says:

Thank you Sir it was very instructive! I got to put that in my life, and in my pre retirement plan, I start tree projects to stay occupied and give back to this world who give me so much!

Sam Joyce says:

Nice video! when i started my online business it was a little hard for me but with HMA vpn i was able to take my business round the world.

Ayad Mirjan says:

Incredible video! thank you Simon! Well done!

Shaun Thompson says:


blen m says:

Dear Simon, That was amazing. thank you so much. may your generosity come back to you in many expected and unexpected ways. thank y ou

Md. Fayz Hossain says:

because its vary informative and clear explanation which people don't like, people normally like shortcut.

Lennie Moore says:

Why does this only have 391 views????

Chapitamastervideos says:

Jesus! What planet are you in??

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