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Business Coaching: Start Up – Why Businesses Fail

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Siimon Reynolds has seen thousands of businesses come and go over 25 years in business and in this episode he lets you in on the major reasons why this happens.


Bankole Ojo says:

This is a great business coaching

Arifulla Shariff says:

Great presentation.!

قناة المتميزون في صنع الحياة says:

To be succeeded in business you should find solutions to solve complex problems, solving complex problems need imagination, creative thinking, hard working and tremendous energy of focusing, , if you go to startup a copied business like restaurant, web designer, blogger, youtuber, you should be highly highly competent, you should focus on offering great value with reasonable prices

Sofia Bator says:

Thank you so much. Great presentation. Learned a lot.

Babatunde Monye says:

thanks alot ,

George Profetis says:

excellent presentation, really valuable content! Congrats!

alltwice says:

I don't like it when everyone seems to know why businesses fail…. as if to suggest that there is some simple formula that would secure a favourable outcome. Business is nothing more than an attempt to stay "in business" being able to withstand failures and capitalise on success . .. failures are inevitable . … staying afloat and leaning is the only way grow in business. It is a difficult journey… not all are willing to venture until it becomes necessary.

Anne Laurice Castro says:

very nice reference

Wu-Dogg says:

ayyy lmao

Giri Dhurba says:

Great Business information…

A Zaza says:

Excellent presentationThank you so much

Jack Kim says:

great ever to learn about business I appreciate a lot to siimon

mytwocents says:

Henry Ford was not known for inventing the automobile. In 1913, Henry Ford installs the first moving assembly line for the mass production of an entire automobile. His innovation reduced the time it took to build a car from more than 12 hours to two hours and 30 minutes.

Lien Pham says:

Can you send us your presentation in powerpoint, we use it as a checklist for entrepreneur!

Patrick Steil says:

There are some nuggets in this, but I really think there is some questionable advice here… he makes the point that you should not enter a market that is too competitive.  There may be a few areas where that is true, but for the most part there is always enough business to go around.  What is more important is that you design a business that meets a specific need in a way that hasn't been done before.  If you get really good at that, it doesn't matter how much competition there is.  

He also says that you should work to increase your cash generating hours to grow your income – but are you trying to grow your income or build a business?  

I feel like this video is based on heresay and not real world experience… I have been in business for 20 years and I believe the #1 reason that small businesses fail is that they don't truly understand what a business is.  A business is a standalone system that solves a real life problem for a very specific customer and produces cash WITHOUT the owner having to an integral part in the system.

The business owner needs to be in charge of planning, testing and then scaling a business model that ultimately builds the business. 

Lee Murphy says:

This is great advice. Everything he said is absolutely true!

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