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Business Coaching With a Competitive Edge (Professional Sports Coaching)

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http://bit.ly/1Igehg8 Professional Sports Coaching for Business takes selected Proven Best Practices from professional sports coaching and provides managers with the behavioral “how to’s” to translate those practices into results in financial services. It provides the tools to be the best at one-to-one and team performance coaching, whether a manager-coach, a dedicated coach, or a peer coach. It helps break through performance barriers and ensures that representatives have a competitive advantage. The program is suitable for managers in all lines of business and support functions. The key skills that front-line and support management personnel will learn in Professional Sports Coaching for Business are:
– How to implement a successful coaching process that will improve results and change behaviors
– How to coach and inspire people to achieve their personal goals (rather than coaching for punitive reasons)
– How to analyze statistical and behavioral results data in order to provide accurate and meaningful coaching
– How to improve employee skills through observation in both face-to-face or telephone interactions
– How to provide effective observational feedback during coaching sessions by analyzing performance and linking behaviors to enhanced results
– How to build skills through coach intervention techniques, including the use of expert role models and/or audio/visual support – How to provide precise and honest feedback in a constructive and motivational manner
– How to prioritize and focus on coaching activities and skills that will provide the greatest lift in performance
– How to maximize receptivity, overcome resistance, motivate, and create a positive and receptive mindset for coaching intervention
– How to follow up effectively, provide feedback to help teams maximize performance and help managers sustain the coaching process
– How to build powerful “how-to” coaching competencies
– How to write plays and playbooks to help coaches focus on their priority actions and skills to increase performance results
– How to manage time effectively in order to perform critical Sports Coaching behaviors


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