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The Power of Choice.One of the biggest lies on the planet is your fate is predetermined. Part of this is due to cultural indoctrination deeply rooted in tribalism. There are prescribed measures of what you should do to be considered a successful person. I agree with many of those measures my issue stems from the way that you travel to what we consider to be an accomplishment. The box is narrow and tight. Anyone that is operating outside of that box on a regular to moderately radical perspective is considered an undesirable variable of society.

If you are operating outside the box and achieve a high level of success because of it, you’re lauded as a trailblazer and progressive thinker. Without the evidence of massive success, you’re considered a kook or weird person. Frequently when you’re walking on a different path you will yield different outcomes and results than someone walking a pedestrian road.

It takes bravery to do this thing of acting outside of accepted norms. Which is a valiant choice.

The power of choice is something we all have yet many of us are brainwashed to believe that it is not possible to think for oneself or live on one’s terms. When you speak like this, the term rebel or revolutionary is applied depending upon the respect or disdained living in the mind of the person judging you.

As a member of Hustlers University, you will be judged and sometimes harshly. Using the power of choice is how you arrived at the doorsteps of this group. You saw one of my YouTube videos, or someone said hey you need to join this group, and you made the decision to come here.

That is a process that you can repeat with a great deal of success throughout every spectrum of your life. We often use this from mundane things such as what television show we will watch or movie we will see in person. However on the larger things we tend to go with the norm and ignore out heart’s desires. The power of choice is on the greatest tools you have at your disposal.

Many things that you will learn here will be radical.

However, they will be in your best interest and properly applied will make your life better. Put more money in your pocket and help you achieve your dreams. There are many things to be learned here but more importantly this is a great place to share what you’ve learned and to help others.





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Brett Canfield says:

A little pricey for me bro .. Maby after my tax return 

Melbourne Scrapper says:

I think you’re fucking professionally unprofessional. 

bodacias402 says:

can we do a equity percentage deal for a ebook?

Exoro says:

You don’t need to become the next amazon.com. Look into niche marketing and
seo. You get a website for about $80-100 a year, rank for keywords on
google and monetize via affiliate, adspace, or if you’re feeling crazy,
your own products. You don’t have to pay for advertising. It will just be a
slower build up.

Glendon Cameron says:
Sebron3000 says:

i love your videos buddy . Cheers from Italy!

01Woof says:

I love to guess how many f=bombs you will drop before I watch your
videos–seriously–how much money realistically does it take to start your
own website, advertise to drive traffic, inventory, etc to make a living on
line? I know you hate ebay and amazon, but they have the market and they
have the adv. money 

Dyer Danforth says:

Interesting. I was just getting ready to email you asking you questions
covered in this video. I’m going to contact you, under a different name,
when I have finished my project. The true elite, I think, maintain
ownership of their creations, unless they really don’t want them anymore.
Ebay, Amazon (publishing), these are corporations that keep becoming more
and more vampiric. They could use a model that was more win-win; but
everyone wants to be the only “winner” in this “zero-sum” game. As far as
digital publishing, there’s absolutely no way Amazon can justify the cut it
takes. They want to keep this new reality that is emerging stuck in the
same pyramidal power structure in which they sit at the apex and even
control the device you read on. Time for the creators to be in control. 

SurplusSupply says:

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