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CANCER Tarot Reading and Coaching December 2014

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Personal Readings available at https://WhiteLotusTarot.Etsy.Com
Contact me at WhiteLotusTarot@gmail.com

I have been coaching and helping friends, family, and clients for several years and have been told my tarot coaching sessions are full of lightness, hope, and “down to earth” guidance.

I believe we all have the *magic* to transform our lives with the power of intention behind our thoughts and dreams. The *magic* is created by channeling this intention into “actions” that help us create the life we truly desire.

It is my sincere hope and wish the coaching session you viewed today brought you some guidance in whatever may be facing you now, in the past, or future and helps you create a little *magic* in your world 🙂

The cards I used in the reading were:
Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot
Oracle Gateway Cards by Denise Linn

Have a Wonderful December !!


Sherelle Price says:

Very accurate moon Sign reading for me! I appreciate this!

Rebecca Ann Sinkula says:

another spot on reading…thank you. i am sagittarius with cancer ascendant
and both december readings are spot on!! so of course i am choosing to move
forward and in multiple areas of my life all at once…they are all tied
together of course in true saggie style 😉

Cindy Gregg says:

I’m a cancer thank you for the reading you nailed it!!! I dated a cancer
man for 3 yrs on and off for 3 yrs until I invited my Gemini single gf over
to make a long story short they got together and the pain and depression
caused me to loose my job! But it’s December now and I’m starting to fill
stronger as you know cancer can feel things kinda psychic themselves lol I
feel he will return I feel he’s around I feel his Gemini will get bored of
him lol still working on finding a job always been lucky w jobs! But the x
bf in for a big surprise!!! So is that Gemini when he shows his crabby mood
swings lol but I could handle his moods cause I had them to so time will
tell!!! Ty for the cancer reading!!! Any suggestions on my love
triangle???? All this happened in sept he and I had a awesome Labor Day
weekend then in walked the so called friend which she was eye balling him
and I sat there and knew what was goin to happen then in oct I lost my job
but I’ve not seen him since oct 24 but I’ve got this feeling he’s around
and he has regrets idk just a feeling

fre2bme100 says:

I received a personal coaching and it was empowering and informative. Thank
you so much! glad that I followed the nudge to contact you. You confirmed
things that I thought but like you said sometimes new beginnings can be
painful so I was feeling doubtful about many things. The cards and your
insight was spot on. How long have you coached? You are very good at what
you do. Thanks SO Much!!It Many blessings and much success in all you do.

IndifferentSky says:

Hello I’m new to the channel, and I’m liking this, and I don’t like my
first comment to be a suggestion, but I need to suggest you get the audio
levels up higher. .
Having said that, I thought that “tarot coaching” would not be someting I
would like but I certainly like this. Mamma’s pulled out the Thoth deck
for us! ha ha. Between the title and your decor, I thought this was going
to lean toward a Doreen Virtue vibe, but you are very good, I love it! It’s
similar to how I do my readings. This was also spot on for me.

dorsable says:

+White Lotus Tarot they are a beautiful deck – what are they please?

MyRedcliffe says:

i like your readings thank you , but i was wondering why you repeat the
meanings over and over again , this comes from a good place , i mean to
help x

fre2bme100 says:

Your video was on my youtube recommendations this morning. Nice reading,
realistic and hopeful. Appreciated your empowering coaching! Thank you!
Looking forward to future videos. Blessings!

Karmen Zupanc says:

Uhhh, this reading for December is hard … to accept and it is to much to
deal with… I hope the year 2015 starts more optimistic.

Cindy Gregg says:

Thank you for reply no I don’t know about my rising I do know I’m a cuspid
my birthday is June 21 I love full moons love to watch ppl I love the color
silver and blue all moon!!!!! My x bf birthday was July 17th lol the Gemini
he’s w is June 2 full blown Gemini and she’s older lol it won’t last!!!!

White Lotus Tarot says:

Hi Cancer and Cancer Rising I hope you enjoy your December Tarot Coaching

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