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CANCER Tarot Reading and Life Coaching March 2015

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I am an Intuitive Psychic and Empath and was born with a caul (also called a veil). I provide Intuitive Life Coaching for Personal Growth and Empowerment.

Personal Readings available at http://www.whitelotustarot.etsy.com

Contact me at WhiteLotusTarot@gmail.com

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The cards I used in the reading were:
Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot
Crystal Wisdom Oracle by Judy Hall

Royalty Free Music – The Mighty Waters ~ AudioBlocks.com

Have a Wonderful March!!


Tara kelly says:

Great reading white lotus I can relate to most of this your so sweet thank
you so much for sharing this positive message.
Hope you have a great year too.

ivonne luciano says:

Wow, A great reading! I hope it will become a reality since I’m starving to
get to a harmonious, friendly workplace. Also a different kind of job,
better pay and better co-workers. Thank you, I really like the peaceful way
you talk.

AgeOfBile says:

Could this also be about a romantic matter, rather than career or money?

White Lotus Tarot says:

Hello Cancer and Cancer Rising! I hope you enjoy your monthly tarot reading
and life coaching for March

sarah rice says:

I love that you are honest in what you say .Love the answers you give. Be
always blessed.

Nath2206 says:

Nice reading, thank you for these positive vibes 🙂 

Samantha Monaghan says:

Thank you <3

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