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Carman Life Coaching – Tuesday Q & A – Epidose 12

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Carman Life Coaching Questions and Answers session.

Psychiatry Cures The Past ~ Advice Corrects The Present ~ Life Coaching Creates The Future

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Tonya Clapp says:

Thanks Carman, I have said those statements many of times before. Just never realized it was God talk'n to me about it. Well, "NOW" that I know. That he'll give me another chance and put me on the path knowledge and wisdom. Thanks again, Brother. God bless!

Joanna Chadwick says:

Awesome Carm! Love this! Great advice! You are so right! When You give a name to the ministry God has put on ur heart it brings life to it. That is great for u to tell her to make a page on Facebook! When God placed my ministry upon my heart he gave me the name and I started on Twitter making post. You tube is another way to start up ur ministry too. Thanks Carm for posting this Great Life Coahing Sessions every Tuesday, I really enjoy them and I have learned a lot too. God bless You! I am so proud of You! You are a great mentor to a lot of people. It is so Awesome to see lives being changed! ๐Ÿ˜€

ASo Pincus says:

One of the best coaching sessions Carman! Wishing the best to your clients. Their ministry is very much needed in the body of Christ.

Alicia Henderson says:

Carmen. I need your help. My husband relapsed on drugs after a year of being clean.
He went to prison for drugs 6 years ago. He has psyophernia so he hears and sees things that are not there. He takes meds to level out. It's frustrating to tell him they are not real. The voices tell him to hurt himself or others. He is a awesome person. Loving and caring. He was there for me when I had cervical cancer and the surgery to remove my uderus and ovaries. He still has not let go of his father's death. He feels responsible.
and that's part of it. On how to move forward.
He started a wooden crafts business. It was not doing good. He relapsed because he felt like a complete failure. Trying to commit suicide. We have been over and over with him relapsing. He is in intermountain hospital in boise idaho. We live in twin falls idaho. He is a huge fan of yours. It would do him some good if he could hear from you. My family wants me to pack up and leave him. I will not do that. I love him to much to watch him die. I want to go back to school. Thing is I do not drive so that complicates things. We are fighting together all the time about him staying clean. I am worried he will try again when things get hard. If I was to leave him. It will kill him. Please help. Like I said he is a huge fan of yours. We listen to your music in our home. Especially we need God in America again.
Things are hard for me right now as he is in rehab. I am lonely and depressed. We can not afford to pay you to have a session.Having a hard time. My husband is in rehab in boise for alcohol and drugs over the holidays. It is hard now. He is talking divorce now. He says we would better apart and for me to go home. Your music makes me happy when I hear it.
You know in Siter Act 2. If you wake up in the morning and you can't think of anything but singing first then your a singer girl. Well whoopi Golberg was absolutely right. I have been blessed to sing. I have been musically inclined since I was very young. All my life I sang to show emotion. I grew up through school being a gleek. I was in choir and chorielers. Well now I am grown. My husband was in rehab for drugs and alcohol. Is coming out clean. Well we just found out why he is in so much pain. He has poryeria. From his father in Vietnam. From fall out of agent Orange. The government will not take responsibility for it. His father died from poryeria. It causes open sores to the face, back and head. Sores in his stomach as well. Where he almost crawls into fetal position from pain.
There is no cure. What medicine there is to treat it is so expensive no insurance will cover it. He needs a hemoton blood infusion
So he can not work. I can not work because I take care of him. He took care of me when I had cervical cancer and had to have my uderus and ovaries removed.
I sing in church to keep my faith up. I sang in chorielers in high school, and sang my way through elementary and junior high as well

Rose Ferrell says:

Epidose or Episode

Del Libby says:

Wow, the anointing was really with you in that session. Beautifully articulated and just seemed to fall out like ducks in a row. What a blessing you were to her. God bless you too.

Vicki Simmons says:

I was looking for this last night and didn't find it. I hope you continue this. I look forward to them on Tuesday night. You are doing a good job as a Life Coach, Carman

Irene Bayly Gayman says:

Thank you for another great FB Life Coaching session this morning ~ you are an exceptional Life Coach and called to do this! Itโ€™s a gift from the LORD and another powerful facet of your ministry. I hope you know how much you are helping so many with your wisdom and clarity in a variety of issues and topics. You are one very courageous and gutsy man – PTL. I pray that the Holy Spirit be manifested in you during all LC sessions for guidance and direction, speaking through you with the perfect words for each person.
To God Be All The Glory for His many blessings to your clients and to you as a Life Coach.
Love you, your music and all facets of your ministry!

Milica Djukich says:

Thank you brother Carman, you are something, keep it up brother! YOUR AWESOME1

boadica clark says:

Great advice Carman !

Kim Reif says:

I remember Jesse Duplantis would say at the beginning of his broadcast "What is your dream cause there's nothing you can't do and let nothing hold you back"

Zaida Gonzalez says:

Carman, beautifully said! God given sound adviseโ˜บ

I Spy says:

Great analysis…what resonated with me, is when you said, why don't you just…..yes! it means, why don't l just shut up and do the thing…..

Alison Kinyanjui says:

OOOOOHHHHHH! this is your best work to date! Loving this…Keep going! Inspiring, needed & definately God driven! ooooo ๐Ÿ™‚

Onyx Nightgem says:

Yes, indeed you gotta put one foot in front of the other and follow the road God lays out before you. And he will Carman you know that better than a lot of people, you have first hand experience to speak from. Thank God your health issues have been doing much better!

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