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Carman Life Coaching – Tuesday Q & A – Episode 14

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Carman Life Coaching Questions and Answers session.

Psychiatry Cures The Past ~ Advice Corrects The Present ~ Life Coaching Creates The Future

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boadica clark says:

Great advice Carman. I feel the same way you do about the man who worked for you and had stolen from you and later called you crying, when you told him if he really was asking for forgiveness he would pay you back with interest, that sounded like what I would have told him. All the advice you gave on forgiveness was really good. God bless.

Вікторія Гриценко says:

Dear Carman! It is so encouraging to see you on the You Tube! Many people in Ukraine have been praying for you for years since we knew of your fight against cancer. Thank you for this sound messege! It is such a blessing and encouragement to hear your word of wisdom! Thank you for your ministry with integrity, love and joy of the Lord during all those years! We love you Carman and do pray for you!

Del Libby says:

Sometimes you just have a bad day and they hit that last nerve and you loose your cool. But then His word reminds you to forgive as He forgave you and you repent and remember what He has promised in Heaven. One day all these petty hurts will be totally forgotten and we have greater rewards waiting for us. Thank you Jesus for your love for me.

Penya De Pena says:

Carman, wow, POWerful truth! Retaining others' sins against does cause us to us to change and become hardheaded, steely eyed and even light up a smoke. Bless you, your clarity on the topic is inspired, refreshing and very insightful.

Victoria Day says:

Thank you for your Words of Wisdom Coach Carman! This session was very insightful. I was thinking about The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant, Matthew 18:21-35, when I came home from watching this session at the library. "So My heavenly Father also will do to you if each of you, from his heart, does not forgive his trespasses." Matthew 18:35 NKJV Through your Words of Wisdom and this Parable, I learned that whether a person asks for forgiveness and the relationship is restored, or not, you have to be able to forgive the person's trespasses against you. If you don't you will retain that person's trespasses against you, become like that person, and end up trespassing against yourself. That's not saying I would let a person "get away" with their sins, because judgment and justice would need to prevail. In order to "let go" from retaining another person's trespasses and for healing to happen, you have to forgive. Otherwise how can I expect the Lord to really forgive me if I don't learn to forgive others? Love 💘 n prayers 🙏 with you always! ❤😘😃

Joanna Chadwick says:

Great word Carm! I know from personal experiences that when u hold on to offense it leads to unforgiveness and bitterness and it does completely change a person spiritually and physically and emotionally. You do become very angry and bitter over what they did and u do find yourself acting out and fighting back and being very unchrist like. I have learned exactly what u sd, u have to release them and in doing so u are freeing urself to heal.I have learned to put people in God's hands and let him defend us. I love what u said about how that doesn't let them off the hook they are still accountable for what they have done and need to repent and make things rt on their part. The Lord has also showed me as I repent of how I responded to them and being unchrist like he begins to heal and restore us to the rt relationship with him and we learn from what we have been through to help others. Awesome and great message I really needed this! Thanks for posting this! God bless u! You are so special and God is still using u to touch many lives!Great word!

Alison Kinyanjui says:

Wow, wow, wow, Carman. Well… this session took me back to assess my past life & i think that because i was forgiven of somethings which i did wrong i considered that others also deserved my patience & understanding and have tolerated some very serious things done by others without holding them accountable. Thank you for explaining that the spirit and the legal implications are different- it seems logical when you say it but when you are involved with people intimately – emotional ties do get in the way. I guess over time i have gradually changed but i think i need to get much more articulate about some of these things to the people concerned- it is for their own good. Actions do have consequences- At the cross- the guy who asked for Jesus's forgiveness got it instantly but had to die painfully for what he had done. As you say- if you love them- you must not get tired of saying it. Praying for strength. My mind is made up to do the right thing once again. And yes- it has affected my world view & future. Thanks again. <

Tamela Drews says:

Iam in this situation right now. This was a good topic for me. Someone that I know hasn't asked for forgiveness for anything they have done and I've become a callus person too. I know godcan remove this but I have to learn to forgive for my own benefit. But it is hard to do that when they don't ask for forgiveness and keep on doing the same things over all the time. How can you really forgive when you see this every day?

yazmedia says:

Beautiful Carman.

Songbird1002 says:

This is one of my favorites so far. EXCELLENT explanation of forgiveness.

Kim Reif says:

I remember a former Pastor said during his sermon he was saying that if you have unforgiveness in your heart it hinders your relationship with the Lord and I have to say its hard to forgive someone but when you ask someone for forgiveness and they say I don't forgive you well you've done your part its on them so in essence as Paul said "shake the dust off and move on"

I Spy says:

Missed you last week…So glad to see your face in this place again.

Milica Djukich says:

Yes carman, GOD said, if you don't forgive men their tresspasses, I will not forgive your tresspasses!

Becky Garza says:

Oh yes. My buddy we all have an issue with this topic. Thanks for answering this one. By the way LOVE your new haircut 🙂 God bless Love ya my friend WOW! Excellent explanation.

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