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Carman Life Coaching – Tuesday Q & A – Episode 15

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Carman Life Coaching Questions and Answers session.

Psychiatry Cures The Past ~ Advice Corrects The Present ~ Life Coaching Creates The Future

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boadica clark says:

Carman, I love the story of you and the German kid, I can just see you fighting the kid in the street. You were right to show him who was in charge of your street. Bullied is a big problem in our country because people aren't allowed to settle things one on one  anymore. 200 years ago, two guys had a problem, they fought and that was the end of it. We should return to that.

Joanna Chadwick says:

I hate bullying, I have no tolerance for it at all. I love hearing ur personal stories. I agree with u every child does need to take courses on self defense it helps them to have confidence. They remember being bullied even into their adulthood. There are even adults who bully others. So ur rt Carm they need to have the confidence to be able to stand up and say enough I will not be bullied any longer we have to do this spiritually as well. Building up confidence is the best key. Learn to say no, learn to speak up, learn to stand ur ground,learn to tell someone, it is okay to tell someone. As adults we have the rt to look at the person who is bullying us and say enough. We have to respect ourselves enough to not allow anyone to bully us. God gives us the strength to stand strong. Great answer Carm! I am so proud of You.

anitastadler says:

I grew up in NJ too. My Junior High School years were pretty rough! I grew up in Willingboro, and at that age everyone was trying to show everyone else how tough they were. I was a shy little Christian girl and who was very insecure. I had a semester where this big girl (she was a good 6 inches taller than I was) and her buddy were picking on me in the locker room. I have no idea why she would pick ME to pick on, but it was every day we had gym class – for weeks! One day I was reaching into my locker and she kicked the door shut, trying to catch my arm in there. I was quick and got out of the way, but I had had it!!!. I slammed the locker door back open, wheeled around angrily at her and she called me "out". That meant we were to meet after school and fight. She said "Which way do you go home???" I got into her face, (as close as I could ) and said. "Well, it would pretty stupid to tell you that, now WOULDN'T it???" That caught her so off guard she never bothered me again, and told everyone else I was tough and to leave me alone too. LOL I have no idea where that came from, because it sounds stupid now, but I think if I had said anything else I would have been a bloody mess on the floor. There was one other time a kid in class kept feeling up my leg. I told him to stop and he wouldn't, so I backfisted him so hard in his breastbone he fell down crying. Between these 2 incidences, no one picked on me again. I'm glad to hear you found your fight in you! Sometimes you just have to defend yourself. I don't know why people are acting like bullying is new. Its been going on for all history. Better to teach the kids to stick up for themselves, in my opinion. Bullying will never stop. That's a given. Stand up to the bullies!

Irene Bayly Gayman says:

Hi Carman,
I really enjoyed watching this LC session regarding bullying. 👍. It’s always nice when you add a personal touch (your experiences) to a topic that you’re discussing.
Your wisdom and practical solution(s) to bullying are right on. I like your perspective of how important it is to teach kids to defend themselves (and develop confidence in the process) and your suggestions on how they can face their Goliaths (I really like the David and Goliath analogy). What a great comparison of Jitsu vs Karate, etc., (lion: net vs gun). It is so true that bullying only works when someone is willing to take it.
What a great reminder that the LORD doesn’t take away our enemies, but instead teaches us how to respond. I especially like how you incorporated God’s promise of “..I will prepare a table for you in the PRESENCE of your enemies..” (Psalm 23).
Thank you again, Carman, for always having fun, enjoyable and informative Life Coaching sessions regardless of which pertinent topic you choose. The Fruit of the Spirit exudes from you each week during your sessions. (Galatians 5:22). PTL! ❤️🙏🤗👆🎶

Kayla Smith says:

Hi can you pray for my nephews

Tonya Clapp says:

Amen, to that, Carman. We go through a lot of that where we live. Whether it be Adult or a Child. I deeply agree with you. God bless.

Alison Kinyanjui says:

Ayayay! i hate bullies & have seen what a horrible effect this vice has on children. Yes, the only answer is to face up to the bully as you say. Good idea to teach the child how to defend his/herself. It's so sad what is happening in schools and the net of this nature 🙁 I love the comparison to David & Goliath too >>>

I Spy says:

yep you right Carman..good old fashion beat down will do it for kids,. 😂

Becky Garza says:

Good evening my precious friend. This brought back memories for in my elementary years. Being the oldest & shortest Mexican, I was constantly bullied. One day I too stood up to them. I took my brother's toy gun. Then after school they tried to gang up on me & I pointed the gun at them & they ran. Never had a problem with them after that. Thanks for sharing. God bless. Love ya my friend

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