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Christian Life Coaching – Can You Make a Living as a Life Coach?

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How much income can you make as a life coach? The International Coach Federation (ICF) reported in 2007 that full-time coaches were earning an average of $82,000/year. Is that realistic? How do you market a life coaching business? Is life coaching honestly as flexible and portable as people say?


Mary Sorrentino says:

Way to go Chris! This is such an awesome reminder of what life coaching can
be, and what God can do with those who are faithful to follow His call. May
Jesus continue to be praised and glorified through what you and
Professional Christian Coaching Institute are doing in and for the
profession of Professional Coaching. Blessings!

Kinsey Oglesby says:

I love Professional Coaching Institute! The classes are very well led and
they present a very realistic picture of what a coach can reasonably expect
in a coaching business. I feel very equipped to have a successful coaching

Chris Blazer says:

PCCI is one of the most cutting edge Coaches Training and Certification. I
wholeheartedly believe in what Chris shares, there are more people who want
to grow, expand their potential and move forward and it is a privilege as a
coach to help people see new possibilities, hope and change by simply
supporting the client in ways they may never experience outside of a
coaching relationship. It is one of the best ways to serve and flesh out
that admonition in Phillipians 2:3-4 “Do nothing from rivalry or conceit
but with humility count others as more significant than yourself. Let each
of you look not only to his own interests but also to the interest of
others”. Thanks Chris and PCCI for leading the way and raising the bar in
Professional Christian Coaching.

Deborah Braboy says:

I appreciate the leadership of PCCI and the instructors who provide such
realistic and accessible training for life coaches. Thank you for sharing
your knowledge and providing others the opportunity to learn, practice, and
work in the field of Christian coaching. 

D Dotson says:

Life coaching changes lives. Every coach I know has a coach and continues
to grow and expand their own lives as well as their business. PCCI not
only instructs, but also encourages and provides a supportive synergy that
leads to success.
I love life coaching and PCCI prepared me well!

John H. Ramstead says:

Chris, thank you for bringing your faith into the business of coaching.
There are so many people seeking coaching and knowing there are people
that they can work with who share their values as well as have a partner
that always comes from a biblical perspective is so important for people
like me! Thank you again for all you are doing.

Renee O says:

Income is important! What has been just as important to me is that I have
enjoyed every minute of the courses I have taken through PCCI, have been
blessed and encouraged, and now have the skills and confidence to head
toward a new career path. Thanks to the ICF-approved training I have had,
I now have career OPTIONS. Strongly encourage anyone who wants to know
more about life coaching to check out the Professional Christian Coaching

Kerry Reddick says:

Thank you Chris for such a great presentation of what PCCI is! PCCI has
been an amazing gift of professional coaching training for me and I highly
recommend it for anyone seeking this profession. It has been a huge
blessing in my life, not only as a professional coach but also in many
other ways! 

Lynda Ross says:

What a blessing to be able to put food on the table by doing what you’re
gifted at and love.

leigh ann hudson says:

Life Coaching not only allows you to make a living, it allows you to
transform a life! Yours and others :)

leigh ann hudson says:

Today I had another incredible confirmation of my pursuit as a coach
through PCCI. I met a friend for a casual lunch, catching up on life since
we hadn’t seen each other in years. She shared a difficult work situation
within 15 minutes of meeting, and I was getting to share information I had
been taught in our PCCI Coaching Work Teams course. Thank you Lord for this
opportunity and thank you PCCI for the practical, relevant, and impactful
knowledge you impart to your students. I love applying a coach approach in
all areas of my life so I can better serve others!

Rudy Ebanks says:

I found this page by accident but really enjoyed the session and info.

I am to put my faith into practice and launch into this career stream.

Pray for me please :-)

Julia Howard says:

This reminds me of one of the reasons I was drawn to coaching. I’m an
educator and I feel that because of the financial factors outlined here by
Chris, I believe that like education, coaching also could one day be
called, “the great equalizer…” It can lift people up to explosive change
that they never thought could be possible, even when they have obstacles as
we all do, they can forge a new path and help many others do the same…
and Chris’s organization SO has this kind of reach & heart!

Anne Denmark says:

I am an introvert with a strong passion for the field of Christian
Coaching. The soft sell, relationship approach that Chris recommends for
marketing brings great encouragement. What a natural and doable approach to

GlennaVelta says:

This is so encouraging to me, and I know so many others, who find
themselves just beginning in the field of Christian Coaching. Chris’
ability to be open and discuss even the difficult times, even through his
illness, how he and Rachel stayed the course, have given us all hope that
we can make it too if we don’t get discouraged and give up!

zestydude87 says:

thanks for putting this video together, this is exactly what i want to do
also. It almost feels like god is steering me in the direction to be a life
coach. Thanks again!

Kerry Iannone says:

This video was both informative and encouraging. After having been a
counselor for 20 years, I was looking for a different way to use my
God-given gifts and coaching has been a wonderful choice! I have always
wanted to work for myself and the information in this video was
instrumental in my decision to pursue coaching full-time. Thanks Chris, for
a great video!

Thefarmgirl193 says:

This video is fantastic! Christopher is an amazing speaker!

Scott Couchenour says:

God certainly does provide, doesn’t he? It’s amazing how often hindsight
shows how God provides, just like he did for you with the coaching dynamic.
Thanks for the good talk, Chris.

KimAveryCoaching says:

This is great information. I really appreciate your candor and your
enthusiasm. Your video will be very helpful to anyone considering entering
the life coaching field.

Nancy Caraballo says:

As a Christian Vegan who dearly loves all of God’s creation – I find it
highly offensive in the middle of a supposedly Christian life coaching
lesson, to be told of the killing of one of His lovely creatures in such an
offhand and uncaring manner. Nothing else was heard. Nancy

Amy deVries says:

Thanks Chris for making this video available! It’s encouraging and timely
for me as a new coach. Make more videos! 🙂

Renee O says:

Chris provides EXCELLENT training for coaches. I’m taking his Accidental
Entrepreneur course at Professional Christian Coaching Institute right now.
HIGHLY recommend!

preceptsforlife says:

Love Chris’ candid approach.

Matthew Reed says:

Great video Chris! I know that it was instrumental in making my move into
Christian Life-Coaching! Your continued support of coaching is so

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