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Coach K: A Winner’s Mind

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Duke’s Coach Mike Krzyzewski talks about winning and his coaching future.


D Dragon says:

You know your a bad ass coach when you turn down the Lakers job. That takes balls

b says:

Coath k that you? It me

Devin Mccurry says:

40,000,000$ damnnn god almighty !!! From the lakers, !!!! Wow, i love coach k, im a huge duke fan but thats alot to turn down from a great opportunity.

CD27 says:

I still can't process how his name is pronounced is anywhere close to how his name is spelled.



To bad coach k is a cheater cause they cheated Wisconsin

D says:

Coach K seems like a great guy

Dalton Mccloud says:

Listen motherfucker I'm in my third season Fucking text me

Scott Allen says:

I cant even say his name. but I hate C L even after all these years.

Worst_Name_Ever510 says:

Coach K, can you fucking message me already, I'm trying to get my custom jumpshot bitch

Don A says:

So much wisdom. The GOAT, not just in basketball.

Tank Tank says:

What a legend Coach K is

Piano Is lyfe says:

Is it just me or is that guys eyes migit

Jason Mullins says:

How can you hate Duke? They are the class of college basketball. If you want to hate a team, hate UNC.

ross gutierrez says:

Leadership is everything in the coaching business and that goes toward winning. Coach K is the best coach out there, because the record speaks for itself like going to west point

Matt X says:

Coach K of Duke and Billy Beane of the Oakland A's can't be bought. Krzyzewski turned down 40 million from the Lakers, Beane turned down 15 million from the Red Sox. I guess being the best at what you do gives you the option to not care about the money and do what you want to do.

magical rexx says:

well mike has had marshall for a long time

Beeastman123 says:

Looks like Al Bundy's neighbor

ABC ABC says:

oh shut up your garbage

International Institute for Learning (IIL) says:

An inspiration for those who want to be leaders. Regardless of what is said about him, his background and story really show why he was so motivated to become the leader he is today.

ML K says:

Coach K was a Westpoint graduate? lol definitely didn't see that coming…

3BALL4 says:

Make that 5 titles 

buster60341 says:

Coach K is the modern day verison John Wooden and this is coming from a Duke hater!

Braden Evans says:

Come check out my 2 latest videos I just uploaded! they're awesome! one is me smashing a can of diet coke with a golf club, and the other one is me making a three point game winner in one of my junior high game! 🙂

WeFreestyleForever says:

1:33 is he talking about S&M? Leather and bondage? 

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