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Coaching and the GROW Model

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This is a short and breezy introduction to coaching and the GROW model – with some great jazz to hurry it along.


Michael Heath says:

You’re absolutely right, Perry. Some also call it ‘will to commit’. I still
prefer ‘way forward’ and to explore the person’s will or determination as
part of that section. It always seems to work better with people I’m

Erni Julia Kok says:

Coaching Model

G.R.O.W adalah salah-satu coaching model yang luas dipraktekkan, enjoy
video ini, karena free, jangan berharap banyak dan jangan suka mengkritik
(coach bukan kritikus, ingat?)

Marius Frank says:

An excellent introduction to GROW Michael. I am doing an on-line training
module about Coaching, and I have embedded a credited link to this
excellent work. I hope you don’t mind. Many thanks again for your clarity,
humour… and use of jazz (-:

Erni Julia Kok says:

Although this is nothing new, but to share it on youtube, is
something…so, thanks. 

Nikki Kagan says:

Michael! I’m going to use this next week… nice work!

Erni Julia Kok says:

I like the background music, it’s sound like playing video game.
But the content is fabulous. simple and easy to follow. Thanks for this
great video. 

cmoeinc says:

Hi Michael. Any thoughts on this assessment of the GROW model?

Marijana Racic says:

Coaching and the GROW Model

Big Foot Queen says:

i will apply this model. familiar, but LOVE the acronym. 

Perry Wang says:

Good introduction. some may say “W” is for “Will” though. 

K S-R says:

This is super – a great way to introduce GROW and questioning. I am going
to suggest my participants view this in their pre-class preparation.

Asniem CA says:

Thank you! Love the video, i think it can help me with coaching teachers! 

Rizal Cha says:

Grow Model

Khalid Abdulla says:
Karen Alberts says:

Great and to the point-very helpful coaching video. Love the visuals! :)

Mary Lee LaBay says:

Great video. As a hypnotherapist I notice the model is really similar –
client-centered, non-leading. I’m going to see how I can more fully
incorporate the GROW model in my work. Thank you.

girolamo cassano says:

GREAT! Thanks for post it.

Keizer & Co, communicatie en coaching says:

Coach jezelf met het #GROW-model: http://ow.ly/reCBk, waarbij je natuurlijk
begint met een heldere coachvraag: http://ow.ly/reDzc

Ulricke Kulsen says:

Motivational Interviewing has similar concepts. I like it.

Christian Dinesen says:

Well done Michael, clean, to the point, easy to grasp and kept in a
engaging mode!

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