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Coaching Employees: 5 Coaching Power Words

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http://www.cmoe.com/coaching.htm – Learn what coaching is exactly in this video. Also learn how to coach and how to determine if you are a good coach. Visit http://www.cmoe.com to learn more about leadership training seminars, to read their blog and request more information.

Presented by Steven J Stowell, Ph.D.


Peggy Goins says:

Inspiring words, coach! From one coach to another! request permission to
come aboard! hahaha! seriously hands down good stuff! keep it up and happy
new year! G. Cashbro

CSTrainingUK says:

Great words that define Mentoring – Not Coaching 

Adrian Ang says:

Without results, what is the point of coaching?

motion ART thoughts says:

like this

john9002jsmith says:

If you are in Malaysia and looking for a good coach (over skype – anytime
when you are free), give me a skype call at abc.

cedarburgbulldogs says:

Great video – love it, very good overview of coaching

coachmorpheus says:

Thanks for sharing – failed to hit the spot for me though.

Heidy Garmendia says:

Hasa Consulting Coaching y Formación de Equipos de Alto Desempeño by Fatima

Avian Morales says:

Those 5 points of coaching are really spot on! Thanks for this wonderful

farawayflame says:

What’s the name of the guy?

FowlerWainwright says:

good information, thank you for sharing

Anthony McMahon says:

Coaching workers is easy they understand the meaning of paying attention
.Paying attention to ditall is easy when workers understand their minds-eye
the power to focus their vision to the task at hand .Seethis ground
breaking discovery for athleties at [ mental training & improving life
skills .]

Lauren Adams says:

He is right. Development, relationship, direction, countability and results
are very powerful words in coaching. For somebody, who signed in with
your24hcoach, which is a coaching community, in order to improve my “stress
resistence” the most important aspects are development and relationship for

soulset22 says:

I find that on a business level with those working inside the organization
represented as just bots to do another’s will, these points are great. What
I found, which could be because I might not have view of the whole context
of his points from just this video, is that the “relationship” as a point
only existed in the place between the sales person and the client. How
about if coaching meant the relationship point to actually be between the
coach, management, mentor, motivator and the employee.

farawayflame says:

What’s the name of the guy?

Clive Lloyd says:

Great and helpful video – thanks for sharing

Kambam Vedantan says:

Coaching is often confused with counseling. These five words bring in a
little clarity and coaches allover will use it. in performance management
discussions, Coaching is the key. Coaching is about, according to me is
trying to modify behavior through creating awareness of the behavioral
patterns of the coached.

Barry Miller CoachingGlobal says:

Models are great as a tool or method to help the client understand the
process. The coach with the coachee gets the positive outcomes not the
model, tools or process. Barry Miller

workngurl says:

great info

HRWellness says:

Accountability is key, without that many students (those being coached)
become co dependent on the coach rather than growing and learning for
themselves. The other 4 points seem to be obvious good sense.

Phillip Galey says:

@gespilk “Charlatanism”? Could charlatanism be just a little strong? He’s
glib, has a wife at home, and 2.3 children; he goes home, she says: “How’d
the day go?”, he says: “Fine, another day another dollar—what’s fer
vittles?”; he’s just hooking words together, tryin’ to show how t’be a nice
guy, the company managers feel they’ve spent some OK money, the employees
got some refreshments and a change of pace—so what, . . . how is what he
does, charlatanism? Or, were you just being facetious?

soulset22 says:

One must be what they are coaching, before they can be the example they
wish their coachee to achieve.

gespilk says:

Charlatanism applied to business. That what it is. 0:20 So, is the question
“What is coaching” or is it “Where did the model come from”? 1:14 Coaching
is 5 words: development (training?), relationships(they come to me),
direction(lead them),accountability (beat them up and make them believe
they deserve it), results??? Could that be more vague? So you want to train
them to confide in you, do as told, accept beating occasionally and deliver
results and learn more tricks(develop them further)?

suirvale says:

very few managers i met in usa companys lived liked managers spouting
THEORY,.they never would come and meet a troublsome customer or think
outside the box they were designated,..these guys are either failed actors
or preachers that do this seminar stuff and its a lazy few days for

Deferio says:

amorphous blob of a talk

rulis124 says:

Development; Relationships; Direction; Acountability; Rezults.

George Ionita says:

coach for what? I do not understand! Coach take the people at random on the
street or I have to catch myself from all the links?

Benji1780 says:

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KeywordToolTricks says:

A little too theoretical for me. I like seeing immediate change

Dr John Kenworthy says:

Without results, what is the point of coaching?

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