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[Coaching] Jayce purple-top lane Gold IV

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Stream: http://twitch.tv/imls

I’m a former Samsung Ozone/Blue house member, and Diamond 1 Korea server. In this video I coach a Gold 4 Jayce top lane. In this coaching session I use my ideal coaching method of using skype share screen with Youtube/MSpaint to best convey my thoughts/advice to the other person. This is the first hour of a six-hour coaching session and is approached as such.

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Nikushaa says:

I’m challenger and didn’t know most of these tips lol!

slayerking88 says:

15 minutes in and WOW. just solid advice all around. this is why I have
been a fan of your work for a long time. 

Kevin H says:

So I will never do those Jayce/zed Combos 🙁 my ping is 120-130 xDDD

YaskGaming - Orespawn, Survival, Pixelmon and MORE! says:

Damnn. I main support role and I’d like to improve a little bit by watching
this. Altho, this is toplane and I don’t main it, I still watch this and
learn a lot. Thanks for uploading! Waiting for a support one :3

Joey says:

advice #1 : make them rage> win game

Nick Storbeck says:

what was it with those f-1-4 keys at the start of the game?

Дмитро Троцько says:

U’re videos are very cool, but 1:37:53, rly? :
It’s very hard to watch a video which has movie length.

Sempai says:

Great videos lastshadow! Im learning a ton. So Im guessing you do in fact
play ssbm. What is your tag?

lolJust Bet says:

Dude I watched the whole thing, it helped me gain a whole new insight of
the game, I now realise that I’m actually not as good as faker and that
it’s not just my troll teams that keep me in ELO hell (joke) (ofc its my

I want to ask if you could make another coaching video for mid lane since
the fundamentals would be very different, 2 ganking sides, no lane-brushes


Larue Fedorani says:

41 minutes in, what he says would piss me off so much!

mirdin decay says:

dont understand why he said dont recall on a siege minion wave

i Valiente says:

I’m Diamond 1 for 2 seasons and even i do some of these little mistakes
time to time. Really great coaching , in-depth teaching , keep doing videos
they’re great.

cameron ambrose says:

i feel ashamed that this jayce is gold 4 and actually understands the game
better than me, im diamond 4 and sat there like “wait what you actually
have to think about all this stuff? i just try make crazy playz” the power
of solo queue people. 

Uthyr Pendragon says:

What do you think players with high ping values should keep in mind while
playing? How should they change their playstyles and implement things
differently as opposed to those with <100 or <50 ping?

I play with ~280 ping and am a big fan of your work. I don't know if you
answer questions in youtube comments, but I'd be very grateful if you did.

PigeonCreek says:

This guy he’s coaching is pretty annoying for some reason

OVERCOME72 says:

its amazing how much i learn watching these thanks alot of uploading 

SoulBane says:

i ignored these videos because i thought the tips to gold/silver players
would be throwaway advice that worked on fundamental flaws in people’s
game. 10 minutes in he talks about really solid, not entirely obvious ways
to not only win a lane, but to dominate it, EVERY time. every single moment
is a chance for him to coach. its unbelievable

Jey people says:

the guys bindings tho 

Daenerys Targaryen says:

Sometimes I feel like the people he’s coaching act a little bit cocky about
their performance. Accept that you’re bad. That’s the first step to being

Michael Lee says:

u really shud have told him taking w in this case wud be so much better vs
jax with dorans start u literally can chunk this guy to half when he walks
up to cs

fituafi says:

I wish pro players would do coaching like this.. There’s a website called
lolclass.com where pro players coach but.. its litterally nothing compared
to this, i learned nothing from lolclass. But just by watching 15 mins of
this i learned a shit ton. And it actually got me FB in my game as jayce
after watching this.

SheWasAlmost18 says:

You can press the left and right arrow key on youtube to move back or
forward by 1 frame

A DC says:

could you possible do some ADC ones? Specifically for Diamond 5+

Radu Stefan Popescu says:

Keep these coming, they’re great.

Warren Peace says:

Ty mate after watching this vid I reached bronze 3 :), was stuck in bronze
2 for long:)) ty mete

Kyle Wilkins says:

*grabs notepad and Red Bull* gonna be a long day.

Jamie Hall says:

I honestly didn’t realise the depth of the champion mus until I saw some of
this stuff. Commentators never bring it up and I don’t play league of
legends, but I appreciate it more now.

HarmnakLoL says:


lastshadow9 says:
fituafi says:

great video :D

Tori Gushikawa says:

Could you talk about the fine aspects of creep-wave management top lane
that majority of players do not know about?

Alex Wong says:

damn youre a good ass coach

Ted Raymond says:

That tip at 12:00 was pretty freaking good.

o BoW DowN o says:

Dude your videos are amazing

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