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Coaching LeBron James is the hardest job in the NBA according to Ty Lue | SPEAK FOR YOUSELF

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Chris Broussard and Metta World Peace joined Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd to discuss coaching LeBron James.

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Speak For Yourself On FS1 says:

Is Tyronne Lue right?

Brandon-Marcel Frederick Stafford says:

Key word…"Gonna" ???

rotoninja says:

I'm pretty sure "caddying" (being a golfer's butler) is a bit different than coaching a basketball team.

Nolan Pratt says:

lmao 4:20 blaze it dude

Blažo Bojović says:

That shade to Kobe from the fat dude. Come on man…

Joseph Harris says:

I can't say that the most pressure is the same as the hardest in this case. Lue doesn't really have to develop any of his players like Thibs does with Minnesota or Walton out in LA now, he does have the most pressure of any coach to win a championship especially with Kerr's health problems, but I can't say he has the toughest job in terms of coaching. He probably has to deal with more drama than any other coach I'll give him that, but I think the hardest coaching jobs are where you literally have to start from scratch in developing players and eventually getting towards becoming a winning team.

Bashir z Bashir says:

Are my ears deceiving me? Whitlock was actually funny and witty in this segment

Joe Lott says:

Who really cares…they're millionaires either way

zero says:

i could coach the cavs and bring them to the finals too

sleuth 2077 says:

After Iverson, Tyronne Lue is just scared of someone stepping over him again. hahaha

Jeff Teague says:


melew25 says:

maybe the most pressure but not the hardest. it's different. i think lue meant the most pressure

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