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Coaching on the Axis talk by Marc Kahn at Sydney University 13 August 2014

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This talk was delivered to the Sydney University Coaching Psychology Alumni Association by Marc S. Kahn on his book “Coaching on the Axis: Working with complexity in business and executive coaching” (2014) London: Karnac Books, on the 13th August 2014 in Sydney, Australia.

The book offers an approach to business and executive coaching that properly aligns the practice to the culture of business. It does this through the use of a relational “coaching axis” that helps to manage the complexity of the organisation and the individual as dual clients.

In this 55 minute talk, Marc Kahn outlines the essential points made in the book.


Karen Connell says:

Brilliant, insightful and absolutely spot on. I’ve just been finished the
first module of a coaching course and after 16 hours of lessons told to “go
coach!” All I could think of was “are you kidding me?” Can this
profession be so undisciplined to allow people with only scant knowledge
and zero experience to dive into coaching business’? Anything that helps
distinguish the skill and scope of business coaching from life coaching is
a winner in my book. Thank you Marc, I’ll be buying your book immediately´╗┐

The Human Experiment says:

Revolutionary insights into executive coaching. Hopefully Marc’s influence
on the international coaching scene will lead to it’s transformation. The
long term wellbeing of the industry depends on it. ´╗┐

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