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[Coaching-Support] Zyra, Korean Masters player

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A lot of people have asked me to upload a support coaching session, well this one is also with a Korean Masters tier player. I believe this is the first public Korean session I’ve ever uploaded. I’m planning to do more and upload them as well.

Player’s op.gg: http://fow.kr/find/medic2

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th3erpen says:

Hey LS would you recommend average euw silver noobs to also try to take on this carry attitude on supports? If so, only on highly agressive supports like zyra or even with peal supports like nami ?

Tsmart says:

Yay finally a botlane coaching/vod review! Please do more of these LS, adc or support doesn't matter.

Grze Leg says:

51:45 best moment

Layer 8 says:

ls has dad accent syndrome

Manuel Perez says:

@LS I have a pathing question: Given that I am playing Elise on red side and the enemy jg is starting their blue is Blue, gromp, enemy red into a gank on either top or mid. Obviously, I need to know if either of those two laners are good ganks but is the counter jungle good?
A few factors to consider: If the enemy jungle has fast clears I usually go from blue immediately to red and take small raptors since they now give enough xp for the lvl 3.
I also use my volatile spider to check red buff and I drop a ward when I go to his red right at raptors bush.
I feel I have thought of everything with this first clear so what are your thoughts on it?

Evan McGarrity says:

Can you do more support videos?

Trevor K says:

42:00 I do that all the time, I thought everyone did that… I never take my hand off to press enter lol =)

Cody Snyder says:

You are the BOSS LS. Been waiting for a support video. Been watching you reck on tahm on screen, would love to hear your thought process in lane playing tahm and other supports!!! ( bard thresh ).

MasterChef says:

Thats Korean culture i cant stop laughing my ass off

Double A says:

Hello everyone. Currently I'm in bronze, and i know pathetic. I understand i deserve to belong in bronze, and I'm really not good. I have been struggling to find champions i enjoy playing. I know Annie is the main go to mid laner for bronze, but i'd rather invest my time to get better at a decent-ly hard champion and stay in bronze for the time being, then play Annie until i get to silver. Does anyone have a champion suggestion for me? I'd greatly appreciate it. Currently i have been eyeing out cassi( looks easy to farm with e) fizz, brand, etc. Thanks!

Mykyta Afanasiev says:

ty for vid, hopping there will be more support coaching sessions, got a lot of useful tips even though i am d2 euw.

The Holy Bullet says:

Hey LS and comment section, quick question how long did it take you to learn Korean and how did you learn it? Been looking into other languages and was wondering the best route for it.

Wilfred "I Tapped Dat Ass" Kensington says:

A Support Coaching Session??????????? Is this real life.. I love your stuff but as a support main it's nice to actually see come useful content for myself.

Daniel S. says:

Mata the brain PogChamp

okenough123 says:

"are you colour blind?"

Lentsku says:

LOL that ending "I'm older than you so play Malz"

BeastCanaian says:

That ending lol

LGNDrax says:

A bit sad to see a good player getting about 2 tips he already knows for 120 an hour or whatever. Atleast it's entertainment for us I guess :D

Fabian Camilleri says:

finally a support coaching session :D

Delok says:

'i am gonna reply in english though' talks to him in korean 😀 feelsbadman no idea what he said. but a really good lessons to learn from just by watching

Apple of Idunn says:

Oh finally a support video.. Added to WATCH LATER since its late here..

Gage Cook says:

LS, I totally get what you mean when you were explaining the "ill listen to your Korean but respond in English" thing. It's super hard to be confident in a foreign language. It's like, the more you know, the more you know how much you don't know. RIP my Spanish and German DX

Era says:

Hey LS, could you possibly upload some ADC pro reviews?

Gordon Overkill says:

So amazing how you convinced him to play Malz xD The world is so incredibly colourful.

Kontwater says:

Can you do more support coaching? I really learn a lot from these.

FGP Fev3r says:

what do you think is better to rush rylai's or liandry's i think liandry's is better and i don't like frost queen's don't think it's a good item just upgrade your frostfang into eye of the watchers as you will not benefit from the ruby sightstone and you are just delaying your power spike by frost queen's rush

Harry Potter Obsession says:

why does he buy rylais ober liandrys ?

Thomas Lambin says:

s3 player atm here, last season viktor worked best for me but no one other than Lee seems to work for me this season even though I know low elo players like myself should stay away from lee (http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Viktor%20LUL) what should I do?

iProdiqy11 says:

finally a support coaching ! been waiting for decades.

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