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Delivering creative sports coaching sessions to children, young people and adults

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In this video, ConnectedCoaches member and Senior Fellow in Sports Coaching at the University of Winchester Richard Cheetham talks about what makes a good coaching session and why it’s important to be a creative coach. One of his students demonstrates an innovative way he has devised to help tennis players practise their forehand technique.

Tennis, football, rugby, cricket, netball, hockey, whatever sport you coach, and whether you are new or experienced, don’t be afraid of trying new things and thinking of different ways to put your messages across.

Take inspiration from this video and have the confidence in your ability to be a creative coach.

To read the supporting blog post ‘Let the creative sparks fly: The ‘C’ system, chapter two’ visit https://www.connectedcoaches.org/spaces/17/coaching-children-ages-5-12/blog/Blake/231/let-the-creative-sparks-fly-the-c-system-chapter-two


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