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Dr. Bryant Life Coaching Session: Episode #1

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The client in this scene is participating in a, “Mirror,” activity. This activity enables the client to face her imperfections by looking at herself in the mirror and verbalizing all the broken things she does not honor within herself. As you see this activity is VERY powerful! It assists the client in facing her authentic self so that her healing process may began. Pain has to be acknowledged and witnessed prior to it being healed. An individual has to FEEL, DEAL, then HEAL. We often wear or hide behind a mask that consist of the person we believe others would accept or want us to be. Not understanding that there is NOTHING more beautiful than the authentic person you were created to be.



zayb15 says:

Hey Dr. Bryant. Great job on the Zo What Morning show. I subscribed to your
page to get a better understanding in counseling individuals improve my
career and to get help in my personal life. Keep up the good work. 

Edward Williams says:

Dr. Bryan… how could someone get in contact with you for counseling?

Dericka Bell- Fonoti says:

So Proud of You Dr. Bryant. Keep Up The Excellent Work!

Cheyenne Bryant says:
Shavon Williams says:

Love u so happy for you I love it

Shavon Williams says:

Wow is really all I can say…very well spoken woman or should I say
women…thanks for the advice given through this episode…look forward to
see more…

Cheyenne Bryant says:

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