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if you don’t think im a good coach then you like bagged milk

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Dyrus says:

this video was supposed to go our earlier but we ran into some technical problems, i know the runes changed and some of this stuff is irrelevant but i hope you enjoy me giving some tips to help you guys out

Noxian Guillotine says:

this taric may actually have brain damage. Press F to pay respects
<3 F

Tito Martinez says:

Man mountain dew sounds so good right about now

royalblue121 says:

Lol corrupting potion ekko jungle

Nate Schendel says:

When you are garbage tier yes i finished gold two so I'm garbage but play a blitzcrank Nautilus gragas something that makes a big play or if you're mechanical genius try thresh the reason is low elo trash missplay alot of situations where one hook can easily set up a five on four advantage or hit a clutch carry like a twitch and kogmaw and end that menace for good So please play these hook and barrel squad supports till Platinum when you need to start playing ardent meta which is really good but relys on teammates too much for you to climb out of the garbage tier divisions

charlespk2008 says:

ohh god that troll of a subscriber

Andrew Jones says:

who else watched this while drinking a delicious mtn dew

Bryan Schell says:

Taric… ult…. please..:(

Ziyax saleh says:

you think that made your eyes hurt just watch me :^)

AMaliciousMoose says:

There isn't much of a point in a former pro trying to coach bronze/silver players, imo.
There's simply too much to cover, so without a lot of prep time you wouldn't even know where to start. Low elo players are better off taking advice from mid elo players who can remember being bad at the game and what helped them. It's sort-of like triage.

Andrew Shuffett says:

Hey Dyrus… I just thought of something… You know how there are websites like LoLKing and Mobafire? You could totally make one dedicated to posting your builds and your runes/masteries and I bet it would be really awesome.

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