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How do I increase my revenue and hit my financial goals? What are some practical steps to land clients? Should I go after the big fish or stay with smaller/medium size potentials? If there is one thing I can should be doing to land more clients what is that? Want practical business advice on how to grow you design practice? You’ve come to the right place.

Jung Hong
CSUN Professor/Designer MFA Candidate

4:45 What are practical steps to build my business from a small practice to a bigger agency? I have a partnership with 2 interns.
5:51 What are your business goals? What are you trying to hit in revenue within the next year?
6:45 How will you personally transform in order to be worth the money you want to be paid? Will hiring more people help?
7:50 building a sales pipeline or sales funnel. How can I get more job opportunities?
9:45 asking for referrals. Why are you afraid of asking for referrals?
15:17 How can I expand my services beyond what I’m doing right now?
17:11 Email marketing tips. Here are some from Neil Patel
18:40 Simon Sinek— the order in which you say something matters.
21:08 3 key ideas: Know, Trust, Like. People hire people they know, trust and like. Get known to get hired.
24:00 Aaron shares his experience with a pushy sales person
30:45 The problem with sales and pushy sales techniques.
31:39 How do you convince a client that they need your help?
32:30 Chris talks about the negative aspect of projecting your needs on the client
34:00 How to help business owners by identifying their problems (with examples)
37:30 How do you test if a rebranding process would work?
39:30 Why you shouldn’t be premature in assessing the problem that a business has?
41:45 Should a graphic designer be more involved in consulting?
42:11 How do you deal with the transition from graphic designer to branding consultant?
46:19 Client and consultant roleplay to exemplify the process
54:00 Chris talks about logo importance in branding
56:30 Chirs talks about closing the gap between low revenue and high revenue clients
01:05:30 The negative aspect of unsolicited advice
01:08:54 Difference between a average company and a amazing company
01:12:00 What should you be doing as a small company to improve?
01:15:50 How do you work with clients that refuse the diagnose stage?
01:18:45 Video Recap
01:21:26 Should you work for free for your portfolio?
01:24:00 The Wrap

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Executive Producer– Chris Do
Host– Chris Do
Cinematography– Aaron Szekely, Mark Contreras
Editor– Aaron Szekely
Futur Theme Music – Adam Sanborne http://www.adamsanborne.com
Annotations– Isaiah Nwukor
Typefaces: Futura, Din, Helvetica
Futur theme song— Adam Sanborne


Fabian Bolanos says:

You guys are like Howard stern, the sidekicks are great. The guests are cool. Now imagine when you guys become gurus and bring Richard Branson and redo his brand and putting his team to sleep. Disrupt phenomenon

Fabian Bolanos says:

And I love Caballer by the way. I. M a bilingual spik that cant wait to Disrupt the Hispanic global marketplace. You have a global reach with the Hispanic population. Let’s do this. Where do I schedule a meeting or a channel where I would be able to pitch clients. Relationships that can easily speak to the Spanish world. It’s only a matter of time. Dale

Fabian Bolanos says:

People, you cannot hit a quarter millions in subscribers in his amount of time. This is a Disrupt phenomenon. I love it and will say that after 25 Years in the music business. This is the Puro Arte concept which translates as the moment of eureka of an artist. You are the essence all designers and art directors need in the massive world of advertising…I truly would like to see you do the next super bowl. I know you can, dope. Peace

Fabian Bolanos says:

The futur and the teAm under Chris Do is disrupting the economy of advertising, a true pioneer. WTF I can’t believe how amazing your impact is, you’re cranking over a thousand believers a day. You’re making history with your product. Core is the shit, can’t wAit to meet you guys. I’m in Venice and San Pedro. The futur is yours, your , the brand of the branding. Confucius had a vision, you have broke the code, I see it. MY MOTTO IS PURO ARTE, that’s my brand. However with your inspiration I’m redirecting. Need a testimony, I got you anytime. PeAce.

Daniel Molina says:

all the minutes in your videos are gold! thanks a lot for sharing! love from Guatemala.

Jean-Paul Moodie says:

Awesome vid Chris. Love the content, keep 'em coming!

Ashley Murrell says:

Thanks for the share! Your channel is really helping me refine my business and I am truly grateful guys!

Michael Victor says:

Wow Thank you for this Video, its VERY informative! I agree with you on the Branding although i use a different approach to explain it. I explain it as a company that has a "personality", its not just about the looks or how its presented but how a customer relates to the company as they would relate to a person, that is that gut feeling your talking about, and no one part of a person define who they are. You don't like people for what they look like you like them for who they are, its simple yet in the business world people get confused about this. A popular approach businesses are using these days to get customers, is to use various ways of manipulation, but if that business were an actual person, who would want to hang out with a manipulator? (dont expect any loyal customers any time soon) There as certain line you wouldn't cross with people out of respect, yet in the business world those same lines are very blurry, after all its just business -_-

Hollingsworth& says:

Just what I needed honestly 💜

Gloria Tibavisco says:

It is extremely good! Chris and team a lot congrats ! I am very grateful, thank you !

Felicia Moniq says:

To your point at 23:03, when a guy is super pushy or is overly complimentary, I get bad vibes from that. When a guy builds a relationship through conversation or other means it's more natural. It feels creepy when a guy over sells. It's like subliminally, my soul is saying, "he's bad news" or "what is he hiding?" I think this is a principle for life.

Jarred Hoelle says:

Hey Chris, can you tell me if you charge different prices for the CORE session you do for clients before you start a creative project based on the project? Like pricing the client (how you price logo design) Or is your kick-off session always the same price regardless?

Ayesha S says:

I want to steal Chris Do's brain

B.A.D Branding Architecture & Design says:

Just 3 words about this episode:
That was Gold!

Michel Soriano says:

I'm really love your videos because you give TIPS I REALLY CAN USE!!! Nice job , and thanks for all your time!

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