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Hamper’s Pre-Natal Life Coaching

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Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim and Doug Lussenhop present “Hamper’s Pre-Natal Life Coaching”.

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Director: Tim Heidecker
Director: Eric Wareheim
Editor: Doug Lussenhop
Produced by: Bill Griffith
Director of Photography: Justin Gurnari

Tim Heidecker
Eric Wareheim
Bob Ross
Russell Becker
Danya Allen
Henree Alyse
Cornelia Hofman
Eileen Mullane
Scott Stewart

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Hamper’s Pre-Natal Life Coaching


MercuryCobalt says:

This is why you shouldn’t go to acting gigs on craigslist. 

Megamaniac610 says:


drocklahoma says:

I think I see my future career.

Graham Barth says:

I love these fucking actors.

There’s Scott “The Clam Man” Clam, the guy from Brown’s Day Care/the
stalker, and the guy who always gets his teeth removed for various invasive
Cinco products. Speaking of which, where’s his Bro-oche? Or his food tube?
And why aren’t his eyes tanned? But man, those are some pearly whites.

sorwoggpm says:

Fun fact: Eating while watching Tim and Eric is a bad idea.

nueirum says:

going thru the comments im suprised no one noticed the hampers.com

Robert Saggit says:

These parents will now have to shelter their children from the internet 

falmatrix2r says:

Bob Ross, I always remember him without the teeth from the Cinco commercial

mrdlore1 says:

That’s not Dr Jim Jangle!! That’s Scott Clam!!!

checkurbrainfly says:

Fuck it! I’m never having babies or get any woman pregnant ,and if I do
It’s not my baby, she can keep that watermelon, nature is misleading and
sometimes very scary 🙁 

IAMPseudo says:

Holy shit that dolphin

Nat Defozzi says:

@Charlotte McGuire Thanks for shitting on everyone’s fun with your fucking
brain-dead politics. And if you watch the fucking video, all the mothers
are like 7 or 8 months pregnant, you ugly fat baby killing whore. Try birth
control instead of homicide if you’re too much of a selfish whore to raise
a child. The rest of the world is better of if you don’t procreate anyway,
you worthless clump of cells.

Sativameister says:

i love the hell outta you tim and eric… but this is truly bizarre.

Nathan Brown says:

It’s Scott Clam from Check It Out!!

DracoAzule says:

I almost forgot to watch this today.

DILLWEED430 says:

wtf was that…

PuntThePikachu says:

I’ve seen some shit

gconneely92 says:

This looks like the pre natal plan for me

Frank Foster says:

;~; That was beautiful

Dr Gonzo says:

Me me, IM a tan man, and a prenatal life coach.

toma sorin says:

jesus fuck

Charlotte McGuire says:

“I’m not your dad but I’m here to help you your whole life” lol, pro lifers
would probably love this video. They care so much about a clump of cells
rather than the “host” mother.

Jenna James says:

This video really helped me during my pregnacy.

Khaaan12345 says:

1:50 gotcha… scared ya…

Grant Redman says:


Bob Ross says:

I haven’t been here in a while. What a suprise to see all of you still
viewing this. Thank you so much. Yes I’m the real TanMan, You can also
connect with me on Facebook/BobRossActor or twitter/BobRossActor

Thanks for being such great fans.

Anti Matter says:

Are these chics even pregnant? lmao

Marco Freschi says:

spaghetti gets in my eyebowls

Jon Mallory says:

Anyone else slightly aroused? 

Norma Jean Character Actress and Comedienne says:

Congrats @BobRossActor, Cornelia Hofmann, Scott Stewart – all GREAT Actor
Friends makin’ the funny! #Jash #Hampers http://ow.ly/l7AcM

FraKctured says:


mrdlore1 says:

I do not trust Dr Boan Mahoni or Dr Dom Namichi.

truvelocity says:

What the hell is wrong with Tim and Eric!

Parker Chenoweth says:

New project featuring Tim and Eric’s BOB ROSSSSSSS:

fuckyousweetypie says:

Don’t get hit in the head with rocks…lol

OrcinusOrca1995 says:

I just can’t watch this all too much cringe XD 

Jason Caldwell says:

that was creepy 

danielingham2036 says:

junk food craze hahaha

Tim and Eric says:
Christian Carbajosa says:

Bob Ross: “Me Me I’m a Pre-Natal man”

Zoits McGoity says:


Jack Wagon says:


Joe Vargas says:

Pregnant belly buttons are gross, I’m never getting pregnant. 

Ethan Skulley says:

superstar Bob Ross NEEDS OUR HELP!!!!

DJWaffleston says:

The fuck? Bob Ross? I thought he died.

EsaelPaggin024 says:


Tay Bob says:

This is life changing. And liberating.

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