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How Coaching Works

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A professional visual presentation of how coaching helps to transform your life.


Linda Byers says:

This is very nicely done. 

Esther Bailey-Bass says:

This is very nicely done. 

Arlyn Anderson says:

This is very nicely done. 

יעל בלצקי אימון עסקי says:

I liked

Alexander Jones says:

When my thoughts drive my emotions, it usually ends up in disaster. It
might be quite difficult to change my beliefs, as they have developed over
the years. That is why I have signed with your24hcoach in order to be able
to replace my negative by positive beliefs. It is true that coaching
sessions can help you to break this invisible barrier between me and the
person I really want to be. I have already “smashed” some stones of that
barrier, due to being coached.

Paul Strobl says:

Really! I’d like to learn more about Alzheimer’s Coaching. Get in touch for
a chat! Paul (at) ConfideCoaching (dot) com

Paul Strobl says:

Thanks Jamie! By coincidence, we went to high school together. She does
top-notch work 🙂

Joanna Mastopietro says:

Elegantly simple…..thank you!!

Ethelle Lord, DM says:

Love this video and the basis of Alzheimer’s Coaching at Remembering4You.
Dr. Ethelle Lord Pioneers in Alzheimer’s Coaching

Jamie Smith says:

Great video Paul. Loved the voice over artists voice.

Dot Steyn says:
Sallyann Phillips says:
Connie Irene says:

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