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“How Coaching Works”

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A four-minute animated movie that shows how the coaching process works.


Francisco Avila says:

Una manera de entender los fundamentos de este tipo de acompañamiento, para
apoyar en el desarrollo del potencial que toda persona tiene y que requiere
del coach para descubrirlo y aprovecharlo.

Wayne Schoeneberg says:

This is a great depiction of the entire process. I am going to start using
it with my prospects. It says more in those few minutes than can be said in
many more.

Erin Sur says:

What a perfect way to explain coaching to someone!

박경숙 says:

That’s a very good video for coaching process. 

christophe gauthier says:

simple, efficace et vulgarisé …. parfait :)

Kébé Madjiguène says:

Une belle illustration du travail du coach…

Madjiguene Kebe says:

Une belle illustration du travail du coach

öznur yılmaz berk says:

Koçluk bakışı nasıldır ? 

Mª Carmen Romero Aviñó says:

Continuo amb el Coaching, aquest vídeo per qui vulgui saber com funciona.
Molt gràfic. 

Arturo Santa Anna says:

Great Explanation, crystal clear….

Linda Jones says:

This sure answers the question of how coaching works. Glad I ran across it
on. Great job!!

S Kumaran says:

I am sharing a very good video animation that will explain how a typical
coaching process works. I am sure would enjoy this video.
Share and Like it.

Mona Schön says:

Schönes Video zum Thema “Wie und Warum funktioniert Coaching?”


Esto es Coaching. Telf 610 216 126 (Personal y del Duelo)

Matthew Moody says:

thanks for sharing this 🙂 It is always great to have tools to explain
what we do. good job :)

mr. hassan says:

in short that’s it

Comeca Agora says:

Great movie!

Miss-Fit says:

How #Coaching Works

Людмила Белоусова says:

Вывод:назовёшь проблемой-будет проблема..Назовёшь задачей -решишь пойдёшь

Conclusion: The call will be issue-problem .. called task-decide go

Axyl Thomason says:

Well that was baffling.

And the footstep sound effects are lifted straight from the game Half-Life.

InformationCoach says:

Top – Coaching – Video !!!

Lupe Padilla Mitchell says:

This is a great example, the only thing I would add is the guy walking away
with the tool box in hand, ready for the the new challenge. I will be
sharing this video for all those that do not quite get what I do. Thank you

Coach Claudia Cid says:

Un video para explicar cómo funciona el coaching de vida. 

Roselyn Amolo says:

I so love this, I am doing a content on coaching but this sums it up

Gloria Qui says:

I want a coach but cannot afford their fee. Any good coach accept exchange

Denise Keeby says:

great video

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