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How I Made $302,333.20 in My First 18 Months as a Life Coach

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http://www.elitecoachinguniversity.com In this video from Coach Sean Smith he discusses the profitable steps he took in the early days of building a business as a professional life coach. If you are looking to generate greater income, attract more clients, and build a multiple 6-figure life coaching business, this is a tremendous resource. If you want to learn how to attract high paying clients in 4 steps – please join us for our latest webinar at www.elitecoachinguniversity.com

Sean specializes in teaching others How to be a Life Coach, Life Coach Training & How to Get Coaching Clients.

Sean’s Mission is to Empower Coaches with the Skills, Mindset and Marketing Systems to Live Their Purpose Full Time and Be Transformational Forces in the World.



Tawanna Currence says:

Am I confused? Did you do at the end exactly what you said you wouldn't do in the beginning? Only four spots, but there's a waiting list? πŸ™

Dre_ _ says:

Your dads last words were touching. Sent tears to my eyes

Skargar says:

Thanks for the great advices! I'll see that I implement it and get my coaching running.

Knight Consulting, LLC says:

Amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Edlin Somorin says:

Whoever thumbs down this webinar, obviously didn't make it past 40mins! i was skecptic to at first… 30mins to the end has been a life changer. Shoot it was great from beginning to the end. Finally someone sharing simply to help others get on board. Geniinue desire to help. Light bulbs everywhere for me!! πŸ™‚ Thanks Sean! This is great

Bionca Smith says:

Wow ! Loads of value in this webinar ! I had a clicking point just watching this ! Thanks ! I wish you the best success ! See you on stage one day ?

Dr. Wasi Saleem says:

Thank you very much for this incredible presentation and information. You offer 100% value and I'm blessed to have landed on your video to take all the information in. Kudos on the great work and God bless!

Tomasz Brzozowski says:

great and honest message…thank you

E Mcqueen says:

Thanks for sharing Sean. Great Value!

Marion Allen says:

Great balanced logic and inspiration thanks

Jay G. Sparkman says:

"The Power Of The Dream"……………Is It Still Alive?

One Heart says:

That's your motivation to become a "Life Coach" ………high bullshit factor, sorry man

Ana Freire Music says:

Wow! Amazing video. Thank you.

maria lourdes Nesmith says:

This guy really impressed
Β me, with his presentation.

Richard Boggs says:

Shawn…Im starting a new Life Style Coaching Team….thanks for all your great information on youtube!!

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