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How To Be A Life Coach: Life Coaching Tips From A Successful Life Coach

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Discover how to be a life coach with these simple life coaching tips from a life coach. I also share my inspirational story on how I was able to become a life coach and build a successful coaching business online. Check out the blog post below for more details.





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micsmellmyfart says:

Hey great video! I really find all this information useful. I was
wondering, how do you start a blog? Or as should rephrase it, ho did you go
about starting your own blog? I’m not much of a wiz on this type of stuff,
so getting advice from a person like you would really be useful! Thanks
again for taking your time on reading and for this video and I really do
hope to hear from you


Alexis Tudor says:

Great advice. I feel one more thing to add is the one can be a coach in an
area where they overcame great adversity, like regaining health after a
long sickness(somthing I did). The accomplishment will seem like nothing
for someone who has never been sick and has had ample energy. But to one
who is struggling where just surviving through a full day is a full time
job plus- it is an inspiration to them. Here the thriving super energy
charged person will not be of use because he/she cannot understand the
reality that walking to the bathroom can be a marathon for the ill.
Basically what I am saying is that there is a messenger for each type of
person with each type of challenge. In the end you got to want to help so
I most agree with that advice.

helen helena says:

I discovered you here in YT couple days before, and you are my new life
coach for 2014 🙂 Great positive energy, and thanks for your sincerity, i
have a Q if you able to guide me, did you ever felt in past like you are
going no were forward and just living in circles, this is what going on
with me,, and all that feel like leading me to ”feel looser” i have such
nice personality and soul, my problem is keep attracting less opportunities
in most life aspects, and don t feel i am the person i want to be today i
know i deserve to have more and i have the ability in my personality to
achieve it, what could be my problem here? i m gonna fellow your directions
about vision-purpose-goals but maybe i want a pushing treat from your side
if you can.

**stay blessed and Happy to the final dot in your journey** 

Barbara Clay says:

This was a great video and exactly what I needed. Thank you Thank you Thank

Marsi the Life Coach says:

You seem like a really genuine and helpful guy. Good work! 

Khaled Ghorab says:

Thank you for your advice! Great stuff and we share a similar journey 🙂 

jinx armstrong Eve says:

Your awesome man ! thank you so much! 

1Eruanis says:

So energising! Thank you : )

Firstname Lastname says:

awesome advice. how long did it take from the blog to making enough money
to where you felt it was worth to consider a steady and strong flow of
income? just curious. also, any free blog sites you know of would be great.
i’ve never started a blog before. peace and love.

Hla Ahmed says:

I discovered you last year and you are great person ,thank you for the
valuable content that you share via your video and your blog .

Leslie T. says:

Thank you so much! So helpful!!!

Ayana B says:

This is just what I needed! Thanks :)

JonoPoon says:

Great video Stefan, this is exactly where I am looking to go into this
Thank you for sharing your experience! 

IvanFlink says:

Hi man, great advice, and I am a fan of ur vids.

I am from Sweden ( Small country with 9 mill population) , and just started
as a life coach. I am VERY passionate about this, I’ve looked at 100 of
hours on the best coaches , written very good material down, and me my self
is successful for my age. I am 22 years , I just got my 5 year degree ,
Master of Science in Engineering , and started one business by my self that
is doing well. People always looked up to me as a role model , and I am a
good teacher. I want to take the coaching to a new level since in Sweden we
don’t have any good coaches like in Usa. Questions:

1) I will start a website now, and start uploading vidios. Do you think it
is better if I start doing vidios in Swedish and get known here, or should
I do them in English right away for a bigger audience ?

2) How big of a problem is my age, and how to get around it? As I wrote
before I am 22 years old, but very mature and I know I can coach people to
success even if they are double my age, but how to get them to trust such a
young kid?

3) I want to get on Tony Robbins level, but I don’t know how to attract a
bigger audience to prove my skills. I know that if I get one chance in
front of a bigger audience, it would take off for me because I have huge
value to offer, but don’t know how to take the first step.

Mest regards, keep up the good work. Sorry for my bad english, I speak
better then writing 🙂 

Michael Sartini says:

I’m quite interested in becoming a life coach. You seem like a rather smart
guy and this video told me exactly what I wanted to know. One more question
for ya, do you have a coaching certificate or did you just start what ever
business you have completely on your own? 

jachjaca says:

Great video and advice. Thank You!

macke3 says:

This is one of the best short videos I’ve seen on what it takes to be a
life coach or what it takes to successfully sell information products
online. What makes the video stand out to me is the simplicity of the
reality that you need to really want to help people by sharing what you
know more than anything else. Outstanding job, Stefan!

lakshmi priya says:

Thanks for this wonderful Video!

I was always worried about my work and hence not performing my work
properly, so i was seriously looking for predictions of everything i do ,
especially my goals

i got this cool Mobile app called “SUCCESS PREDICTOR” by lokesh which helps
to predict based on several mental and physical questions and this has made
me lot more easy and stress free

Project Life Mastery says:
Trends The Life Coach says:

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