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How To Become A Life Coach – Every Part of the Process Revealed in Detail

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How To Become A Life Coach — http://www.actualized.org

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Hey, this is Leo for Actualized.org. Here we’re doing another quick self-help segment where I’m going to quickly cover the topic of how to become a life coach.

I am a life coach so I’m qualified to talk about this. I went through the process. It’s actually not hard. If you’re interested in becoming a life coach, listen up because I’m going to give you some quick tips and techniques and give you a plan for how to do it.

I’ll go into much deeper detail on it in some other video where I can talk about it at length. Since this is a quick rapid-fire segment, I’m just going to give you the skinny and the practical things that you can do right now.

If you want to become a life coach, the best thing that I can recommend is to join a life coach training program. There are many programs out there. Make sure that you get one that is credible and has some good reviews and that provides you with certification.

Certification comes from the International Coaching Federation. You can look up their website. There they’ll have a list of all sorts of schools that they accredit and that will give you the kind of training that is in line with the International Coaching Federation.

You want to align with a school that’s aligned with the ICF because the ICF is the standard governing body across the world for coaches. It just came out as the standard and now everybody is on board with that.

Honestly, you don’t even need a coaching certification to be a coach. What I do find valuable in the training programs, though, is that they teach you what it means to be a coach because it’s not all that it seems to be at the beginning.

Let me give you some details on these certification programs. I went through a program called iPEC. You can Google them. They’re one of the best programs out there. It’s a comprehensive program.

It costs around $9,000 to do. It is a little bit pricey, but you have to put that in perspective with everything else that is out here.

Any decent coaching program around is going to cost you somewhere in the range of $8,000 to $10,000. iPEC is competitive there and they don’t have any extra hidden fees or anything. That’s it. You just pay the $9,000 and then you do the program. It’s pretty nice.

You have to ask yourself if that’s worth it to you. If this is going to be your career and your profession, then it’s actually not a big price to pay. With any other serious profession that you would go into, you would spend way more than $10,000 to get degrees, certifications, and trainings. It would take you a lot longer than it will take you to finish a coaching program — even a comprehensive one like iPEC.

The iPEC takes about ten months to do the whole curriculum. They do it in modules. You have four modules and you take one module then you get two or three months to do the homework assignments and the practice of coaching throughout that.

Then they have another module where they train you for a weekend and then you do another couple months of training and homework assignments. Then they do more of these modules. Through this module process, you can learn to become a coach.

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Actualized.org says:

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Lou Fleming says:

Thank you for this. Makes the process seem a lot more do-able 🙂

At the moment I am torn between going into therapy or life coaching.
Doing some research I am starting to feel there is little difference
between the two.
I am a bit confused at the moment, what tends to be the meaningful
Any advice would be much appreciated
Cheers Leo

noah streaker says:

How can I prepare to be a life coach while im still in high school. Do I
really need good grades and how can I practice this.

peacefulfrequency says:

Is there any legal liability associated with being a life coach? 

telara09 says:

Hi There, I’d like to share something with YOU that’s really meaningful to
me because I just watched your video and I KNEW IT, as soon as I got
off…he’s GOT THIS!!

I’ve been watching some of these guys and it’s like they’re a “Little
Flat”, it’s like eating something SPICY and YOU ask yourself, where’s the
“SPICE”?? But YOU my friend, YOU GOT THIS!! I can FEEL IT just by
watching your videos, YOU REALLY KNOW HOW TO CONNECT WITH PEOPLE and that’s
“KEY”, BUT also YOU have to be the ‘EXAMPLE” and they see it in YOU!!

It reminds me of ALL those long hours while in class doing those (Self
Help) classes and all the other training, well the Instructor had us divide
into two groups, one group was to play the “therapist” and the other the
patient. I was excited because I selected therapist.

The students pretending to be the patients could make up a problem or use a
REAL ONE on the therapist, their choice/ So I had 3 patients, UNKNOWN to
me they had all selected REAL PROBLEMS to throw at me!!

Their issues were very challenging and I felt I did my best to offer
advice, I put myself in the other guys shoes and how would I FEEL about
that issue if I were dealing with it, what would I need to hear?

What would HELP ME??

PEERS!? The teachers jaw looked like it had hit the floor, LOL I had
FLOORED ALL of them including the teacher!? Now I’ve taken some psychology
training in college, BUT I am NO “LICENSED THERAPIST”!!

However the teacher assured me that from what she had just heard from me
giving advice and guidance and potential courses of action she said “If I
didn’t know any better I thought you were ALREADY a practicing

It was then that I realized I didn’t want to be a psychologist after ALL, I
wanted to HELP people, I KNEW I had a “Gift” and that gift is the ability
to CONNECT with people and BE THE “EXAMPLE’, BE AN EXAMPLE, show them that
what I’m telling or your telling them right now is HOW YOU DID IT AND THIS

Like YOU I have that same energy, drive, motivation, positive attitude,
empathy. I just has to share that with YOU, these videos are great so,
back to work…^_^

Thank YOU for SHARING!!^_^ 

Jonathan Torres says:

Hey leo, I was thinking of going back to school for business. I still want
to help others, and be a life coach. I was surprised by how expensive the
certification is. Would it be best that I go to school for business? I know
that I would have to do marketing for myself and sale myself. What do you

Jordyn Lorenz says:

Great stuff! I enjoy your videos. Thank you for being thorough in sharing
your knowledge. I would love for you to share your video setup (camera,
set, lighting). Your looks great!

Sammy Jones says:

Amen on “living the example…”

David Presler says:

Good energy man!

catherine weiss says:

Hes selling it for them dont do it

Denny coaching solutions says:

very articulate! thanks for sharing! here goes!

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