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” How To Become Rich Soon “। Best business video | Business coaching | Entrepreneurship

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This is an ultimate video talk on How to Become Rich Soon. Dr Ujjwal Patni says that lets not concentrate on money, money is a by-product. Don’t even run for shortcuts to earn money, create your distinct identity so that people believe on you and follow your footsteps.
International Trainer and Motivational Author Dr Ujjwal Patni is one of the finest motivational trainer in India whose 7 books have been published in 12 languages and are available across 28 countries.

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Vishnu Dewasi says:

नाइस सर जी

Ramsingh JAT BOY says:

sir i am big fan of u

mudit gupta says:

thanks u sir I respect u

Kusum Thakur says:

Very nice sr seriously

Swinder Singh says:

nanahy bety ko jevan ka war do

akash tak says:

sir, is quality is equal to packaging? you explained in one of your video that packaging is more important " Jo dikhta he vo hi Vikram he".
sir I always had dilemma understanding both the concepts. I introspected a lot to get the conclusion but eventually became more confused.

sir I always felt that I shall better upgrade myself in terms of quality but when I see around everyone wants packaging. And this breaks my motivation.

sir be my Krishna to help me out.

thank you.

A Kumar says:

youe spwaking style is wonderful n words are perfect with examples to prove… i m from beautyful city kathmandu….nepal

Kirannn Vest says:

thankyou very much for your suggestion sir

karankumar Karankumar says:

Well explaination sir

Rajkumar Patro says:

its very nice to listen you sir, I liked ur thought….
I subscribed ur channel

Mahendra Sahu says:

khaaaa seeee aaateeeee h yeeeeee thought sir jii

lokendra pun says:

same to same 3 edit film ki kahaani jyase wow

D.D. YADAV says:

very nice sir

Brock Lesnor says:

nyc thought sir..👍


Sir pls mera channel feature channel me add kardoge merabhi motivational channel he.

Amit pandey says:

you have something in your voice….this comes in my soul

Gulab Singh says:

Very nice thoughts sir


very excellent

DR Ravi panchal says:

very nice sir money is actually by product of excellent work.thank u reminding back to me .

salamiindia says:

sach me iss ladki (interviewer) ne mujhe pagal kar diya…

Shahid Khan says:

I salute u sir.. Apki baaato me Aag hai..

pradeep sahoo says:

thank you sir.

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