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How to Coach PART ONE – Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Sales Coaching

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http://www.knowyourmind.com How to Coach With Emotional Intelligence
Let’s talk a little about Coaching. Clearly, to become a masterful life coach you need to learn how to coach and a number of techniques.
In essence your aim as a coach, whether it is how to be a life coach, executive coach, career coach, business coach is to enhance the performance and learning ability of other people.
It involves knowing how to motivate and how to use effective questioning.
It requires giving and receiving feedback.
Great coaches know how to overcome their own blocks and it’s no surprise to find that enlightened leaders are always emotionally engaged.
They understand that coaching by asking is far more powerful than coaching by telling. And they do this naturally.
Being rational, most coaches realise that to reach an outcome requires truly knowing what the goal is, having an accurate assessment of where a person currently is in relation to the goal, identifying the steps and the range of options to get to the destination, all governed by a commitment to action with a time frame in mind. In short, having a plan and executing it in a timely manner.
A coach should keep you on track, point out where you can make positive changes, and support your endeavours in making and maintaining change.
Why Emotional Intelligence? Well, what is Emotional intelligence?
Emotional Intelligence is the ability to monitor your own and other people’s emotions.
It is essential to be able to discriminate between these feelings and to use the information wisely to guide your thinking and actions.
Any attempt to motivate or persuade somebody without using emotion is doomed to failure.
You simply won’t get consistent results.
If you fail to tap into a person’s emotions, your message will lack energy.
You might get agreement, but it will lack the firepower to make it happen.
People will remain unconvinced.
Productivity is centred on motivation.
Motivation is a strong emotion.
So, we choose to coach with Emotional Intelligence.
The best coaches understand the reciprocal relationship between logic and emotion.
In this short series of videos we will look at how heart and mind can work closely together to produce far superior result.
Successful coaching, again whether your focus is on how to be a life coach, executive coach, career coach, business coach, or team coach h is to enhance the performance and learning ability of other people.
This is built through trust, rapport, insightful questioning, and emotional wisdom.
That completes part One.
In Part Two, we will expand on the relationship between logic and emotion.
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