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How to Start a Coaching Business and Make it Profitable

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Coach Ayisha from http://www.coachtrainer.org tells you how to start a coaching business and make it profitable. These are also great tips on how to get coaching clients.

Define Your Target Market – You will have a hard time getting coaching clients if you don’t know who you are marketing to.

Define Your Niche – In order to get clients you need to be more specific about what you are offering them.

Lead Capturing System – You need an offline and online lead capturing system. The purpose of this is to capture contact information of potential clients or you’ll never see each other again.

Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Niche – You need to establish yourself as an expert because let’s face it, how many times have you done business with someone after meeting them for the very first time.

Create Coaching Products – Do you know that the majority of potential clients don’t know that they need a “coach”. Most of them are just looking for information and they will buy a really great product if they think it will help solve their problem.

Create Coaching Programs – If you want better chances at getting clients try to create coaching programs such as group coaching programs that will be more affordable then 1-on-1 coaching.

Create Coaching Packages –When you provide 1-on-1 services consider creating packages instead of just saying “Hey I will coach for $300 for 4 sessions”.

Become a Speaker – The fastest way to get clients is to become a speaker.

Create a Marketing Plan and Strategy – Last but not least, but actually should have been first is to create a simple marketing plan and strategy. Ensure that it includes offline and online marketing strategies.


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