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I HIRED A LIFE COACH | Here’s what happened…

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► I HIRED A LIFE COACH | Here’s what happened…
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Welcome to Day 18 of ZOVEMBER!

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Heather Shipman says:

This is the first time i have ever seen one of your videos and it was because I am in search of figuring out answers of my own. Thank you for this open, honest, and beautiful dialogue of your journey. I wish you all of the best ♡
Light and love ♡

momina ahmed says:

Thanks 4 sharing zoey.🙂😊☺

The Purefoys says:

I think this is so important and would eliminate a lot of the issues we have in our relationships, jobs, country and communities. I think that if people would stop being so arrogant and admit that they need help, this world would be a better place. Big shoutouts to all the life coaches and the people who are smart enough to use their services. Oh yeah, shout out to those people who can afford a life coach. We have 5 kids so we're putting our life coach on layaway. LOL awesome video.

written by mai-anne. says:

thank you for sharing this. i really relate. i'm from australia and lived in new york for a year and i've never felt so whole anywhere else. but i did have to learn how to be happy without being there. and while i have the goal to move back i'm glad to have learnt how to be happy within myself <3 ps. congrats on your visa!!

ZorinR says:

Dont love anyone way too much bcoze we dont know when we going to hate them. If that make sense to you.

Debra Goring says:

I totally get how you described your happiness and how to take it with you. I too am in love with a city but am currently not living in it, but working my way towards it. I totally love that place and feel soo at home ad excited and surrounded by like minded, wonderful people + loads of interesting things to see and how. Perfect combo of art, seaside, music, dancing, spiritual people, with no prejudices, judgments, into emotional growth and also young, edgy and keeping me feeling young too! Vibrant, alive!

Beatrix Wiener says:

heyy babe.. would you recommend me this life coach? I really need one too.. 🙂 would be nice.. thanks in advance!:)

tania hoque says:

wow! this is great! thanks so much for sharing! take happiness wherever we go! thank you 🙂

Kristin Vergara - Sensitive Badass says:

Thanks for sharing Zoey! I'm actually a spiritual life coach and I've been following your channel for a while now. Even though I'm 10 years older than you, we share a love for minimalism, travel, self-improvement, loa, and of course Italy! So I just love your content!! And it's so nice to hear you talk about this topic because we do all need outside help sometimes.

1stMil.com says:

great video! subbed! I am currently mentoring a 25 yr girl in Australia and your video helps me to understand the psychological blocks that also affect my student. thanks for this wondering video!

nicholeoleole says:

Thank you so much for sharing. I left everything in Canada to move to London, and was very happy there. A few months ago, I had to come back to Canada, and I've been dealing with depression and anxiety ever since. I think I really needed to hear this. I hope you keep feeling better <3

Wendy Farris says:

Come to Oregon, I'll take you riding on the Oregon Coast. ….I used to have a Horse riding business. it will do wonders! With a horse, you are living in the now zone and troubles get put into perspective, -they won't matter in 100 years!

Alex Vinnikov says:

Hey Zoe, could you tell in next chapters how do Y meditate? Some tips and tricks? And one more remember once in some prev videos Y,ve told that have Scandinavian heritage, how it feels if you think about these lands ? Thanks /Alex

A. A. says:

such a nice girl
with an angelic beauty

Digital Nomad Girl says:

I ADORE the idea of taking happiness with you everywhere. Definitely going to try channeling this!

Digital Nomad Girl says:

Such wise advice to invest in a life coach to push yourself forward. Really inspired by you as always! I have total faith you'll make the best out of Canada and encounter some magical opportunities there that you never expected!

suru01 says:

hi Zoey, I've been binge watching your videos! Planning on moving to Roma in March. Can I ask why you have to leave? I was there in 2007 and only lasted 3 months. I'm a bit worried to try it again. Roma is beautiful but I know it can also be hard. Thanks

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