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Intuitive Spiritual life coaching – Dean Griffiths, UK

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Dean Griffiths is an Intuitive Spiritual life Coach, who has developed his skills over 15 years through working in sports rehabilitation and understanding the body and mind connection. The Study of Reiki, EFT, Polarity Therapy and PSYCH-K has given Dean the tools to help people heal themselves. These tools combined with his skill of reading people’s Chakra’s enable him to create a unique style of coaching that has a profound effect on people and how they view their lives. – from http://www.deangriffiths.co.uk/9/About-Dean.html

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saraswuati says:

Super refreshing, thank you for the reminders:. I loved the interview,
finding out about our lessons, and how they choose to show themselves. So
exiting when you look at it from this perspective!!… Brings a new air to
my life… Thank you both for sharing and spreading so much love… Lilou,
you were/ARE>were in the interview, BUT ·ARE· all the time: gorgeous, thank
you for your grace… (◡‿◡✿)

Louise Cha. says:

You’re doing an awesome job Lilou!Thank you!!!

flower1921 says:

Me and Lilou are going to be BFF, at least for one day:/….. You are hot
and cool, but mostly I love you for your heart.

Harshi N. says:

The outfit looks stunning on you Lilou and you look lovely! Like the queen
herself! 🙂 Looking forward to the interview with Mr. Emoto. How exciting.
Thank you Lilou…your videos keep me connected to my heart and purpose,
and bring peace. Thank you to all the beautiful people you have
interviewed. Have an amazing time in Hawaii!

Dharmi Institute Founded by Christelle Chopard says:

Beautiful message and interview!! Lilou, I wish you an enlightening
experience in Hawaii, and look forward to the interview with Masaru Emoto!
When we don’t guide our thoughts, our thoughts guide us. May your mantra
today be enlightening, may your thoughts be aligned with the voice of your
heart and an inspiring purpose!

imagine842 says:

I appreciate what you do lilou

Lila Avallonia says:


fortheday123 says:

Focus like a laser beam.

Sparklytank says:

No matter what situation you are in, as they say in the movie, ‘The
Secret’, you can affect it by your negative or positive take on it. You
can, put any kind of ‘spin’ on your story and completely change the reality
that you will experience. In the past, I have done this very negatively,
believing that it was happening to me. What I discovered through years of
living, though, was that it was always happening through me. We are all
amazingly powerful and can do miraculous things.

8drewski says:

thats what ive been learning too, people reflect you!

Lilou Mace says:


doutzen177 says:

Awesome interview. Loved it! But, you should do something about the opening
theme melody, (and also after the program) since it is soooo loud, compared
to the interview sesssion, my loudspeakers cannot handle the volume!

Sowingthewinds says:

Blessings, thank You


brilliant great info on synchronization ^^ <3

fortheday123 says:

It’s all good.

amazinginspiration says:


GailMHar says:

Thank you for bringing us another inspiring soul! Much love to you!

Dean Griffiths says:

Thank you to the beautiful Lilou for the connection and look forward to
sharing more soon.

flower1921 says:

I will meet Lilou Macé at least once in my life, there I’ve said it now!:)

Sparklytank says:

As Wayne Dyer says, “Change the way you look at things, and the things you
look at will change”. Yes!!

vacalama says:

Love your interviews. Greetings from Sarajevo

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