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Jed York and Trent Baalke Press Conference on 49ers Coaching Change

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TheGuitaronfire76 says:

Jed York got possessed by the ghost of Al Davis. “I don’t care if you’re
winning coach Gruden, you’re out of here! ” the fans made Jed York filthy
rich and he releases Jim Harbaugh because ” they don’t get along “. What is
he breaking up with his high school girlfriend? This is a business you
clueless piece of garbage. Season ticket holders need to stay home in 2015.
Let Jed York know you have philosophical differences than him. 

RoyalAl says:

If you’re going to be a public speaker, you should learn to remove the use
of “uhhh” from your profile, especially if you’re using it every sentence.

Cigar Smoker says:

Our only goal as 49er fans is to have a winning team. Harbaugh was your
best chance and you blew it. We do not care what York and Baalke say now.
No good coach is going to want to come here with your at best tactical
approach to ownership. Now the fans want you to sell the team this is the
only “adjustment” you can make now. This is your opportunity to maximize
your value – its all downhill for here should you decide to hold on. Your
fans will vote with their wallets every year as time goes by. And Baalke
should just completely shut the hell up.

Dana Brinkmeier says:

Jed is a far less than ” Silver tongued orator” who has been fed with a
silver spoon ! He is going to regret firing Harbaugh because Coaches with
more than 44 wins in 4 years are as scarce as hens teeth to find.Jed’s best
way to hold himself “accountable”, would be to sell the Team !That 2
billion dollar new stadium could find itself half full !

Ryan Barbosa says:

Why bother going to watch Dumb and Dumber 2 when we have this press
conference? York and Baalke have their handprints on that shit 7-8 year
stretch where the 49ers could not blow harder if they tried and Harbaugh
takes pretty much that same team and makes them contenders in one year!
It’s clear “Jed” wants a guy who kisses his ass and polishes his boots
rather then a born no-nonsense winner. What a fucking joke these two clowns
are. These two morons can go take Kaepernick in the lockeroom and go FUCK
each other for all I care. 

logan chu says:

Every diehard 49ers faithful should stop coming to Levi’s to show Jed he
make a huge mistake by letting Harbaugh go and keeping Baalke. Baalke can’t
even drafts players if his life depends on it. Most of 49ers players are
from the Scot McCloughan Era. Scot McCloughan was really the mastermind
behind the She hawks draft selections that produced most of their all pro
caliber players. She hawks was 7-9 pre McCloughan era. Next 49ers HC if I
may suggest would be Jeff Garcia. He is an ex NFL QB, also a teacher and
can help Kaepernick define his game better. 

daone billygunnz says:

Exiting out a great coach very competitive now what’s next on the agenda of
reconstruction another boring wait next time 

Ryan Rouse says:

If my 49ers don’t go 19-0 every single season than the season is a
failure.. If the 49ers give up a first down or any points at all or yards
the season is a failure in my eye’s. I expect perfection in every aspect
of the game. 


“Win with class”?
There’s only winning dumb fuck
Oh you mean the players have to be good citizens outside of football.
Fuck off you over privileged piece of shit 

Scott Gordon says:

“Philosophical difference” = He didn’t do what we wanted him to do. From my
understanding Jed York comes from a finance background. So he should know
that this deal was a bad one. He basically got a stock at $30 it went up to
$230 and in the last week the stock dropped down to $200 so he sold it. The
issue is deeper than what we are being told. Someone got in his head,
conspired against Jim Harbaugh or is promising him all the success if Jim
is no longer in the picture. From this video it seems that the GM helped
with Jed York’s decision. We all know that the NFL is a tough and ruthless
business and Mr. York is in over his head with this position.

On paper this looks like a horrible decision. Something happened behind
closed doors that we will not know about. They have to find a new coach,
the coaching staff is going to follow Harbaugh to Michigan, veteran players
might leave when contracts are up and if things went bad between Jim
Harbaugh and the management the players are not going to have respect for
the management, Best of luck to the organization, but they are fighting an
uphill battle. He needs to get a PR rep to help him with the press.

Aaron Dizon says:

Jed York never raised a superbowl banner. It’s sad to see the
Seahawks-49ers rivalry possibly done. Firing Jim Harbaugh was the wrong
decision, because he brought success. Of course to a team I dislike, but he
was ultimately the perfect villain to the Seahawks..

Ali Sadri says:

these two guys are pathetic…..EVERYONE LOVES JIM HARBAUGH, except these
two fools(and the seahawks)……..they will be so sorry when the team is

Andy Hart says:

Thanks for the memories Jim. Too bad we were a winning team again for three
years, back to mediocrity we go!

John 49ers says:

Jed york I don’t believe you will make this team fall again after almost 10
years without a playoff run and 21 years without a superbowl before even
jim brought us back you cannot take this historic franchise to the ground
this team needs a superbowl in this century

Tom Ferriday says:

Jed York and Trent Baalke said what they always say – which is NOTHING.
All York had to say was, “Harbaugh and I don’t like each other, and I want
someone who can work with his boss.” Period. Instead, he and Baalke
engender this phony “we only win Super Bowls” excuse to fire the most
successful coach the 49ers have had since George Seifert. Furthermore, if
York was so obsessed with winning Super Bowls, then why not fire Harbaugh
AND Baalke after the 49ers LOST the Super Bowl against the Ravens? I really
hated the way York tried to imply that Harbaugh wasn’t “winning with
class”, yet refuses to hold Baalke accountable for ANYTHING that went wrong
this year. Sure, there was a lot to dislike about Harbaugh’s attitude and
approach, but for York to try to hide his contempt for Harbaugh by
pretending to be disappointed because his coach failed to win four Super
Bowls in a row is the epitome of dishonesty. Once again, the Yorks prove
why they have no business in the NFL.

Sam Ferguson says:

Sounds like Jed is putting a lot of the blame for the behavioral issues of
the players on Jim, insinuating he wasn’t a good enough teacher “off the
field” like Walsh was and saying that the standard of behavior for the
players has slipped during the past 4 years, and that even though Jed had
issues “year 1, year 2, year 3”, he just stayed quiet because they were
winning. When Aldon Smith crashed his car after driving drunk leading to
his second DUI, management were the ones who decided not to suspend him
right away. If I were Jim and they let me have my beastly pass rusher suit
up for the game, I’d play him too. It’s his job to “win a super bowl every
year”, so why the hell not play him? I think management is at least equally
if not more to blame for player’s behavioral issues and the PR shit-storm
that followed. If I were working for Jed York, I’d probably have a hard
time keeping my mouth shut too. Obviously Baalke has gotten good at it, as
is obvious from watching this press conference. Every time he’s about to
speak (about a football related topic, which he is far more qualified to
discuss) Jed jumps in first and says something mildly stupid and completely
self-concerned. The fans love Jim Harbaugh, and we loved the winning
attitude he brought. Sucks that a spoiled, privelaged trust fund turd
monkey like Jed York is putting his ego over putting a good product out
there for the fans, the ones who really matter.

49ers1975 says:

retards making excuses about themselves…just trying to make them self
look good when everyone knows they are morons….

Will Wurth says:

Jed York, professional asshole. Eddie DeBartolo should be ashamed of his
spineless nephew! He had the Golden Goose…and threw it away!

Jacob Martinez says:

To all my fellow ninernation we gonna be alright. 

Pembrook Sutherland says:

What piss me off as a long time niner fan is this prick talking bout he
want a teacher. So he saying Jim is not a teacher? Fuck a teacher, I want a
winning coach what Jim was and will be where ever he go. Don’t give me this
bullshit bout mutual decision. I know how that shit work. I hope niner
nation don’t show up for a game till we win a super bowl. Cause I won’t.
SHIT PISS ME OFF TO THE MAX!! How the fuck you don’t know Jim philosophical
direction before you hire him? York is a rich spoiled CUNT

MichaelTabrizi says:

Jed and Trent claim that they want to minimize distractions. What is more
of a distraction than all the drama they’ve shown throughout this entire
year in regards to having Harbaugh as their coach. Even before the year
began, there were rumors that the Niners were going to trade Harbaugh to
the Browns. How is a team and coach supposed to stay focused on football
with all if this going on? All the niners needed was to hire a new
offensive coordinator. 

Wolverines Fan says:

You two guys have to be the biggest asshats ever!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! GO

Jhim Ballesteros says:

Atleast Baalke does his job decently by bringing in decent players. YORK on
the otherhand… boy boy boy… you sir… woooo… ahem… cough cough….
excuse me. You sir, are a moron. 

Sherry Antzak says:

Congrats Jed dork for getting rid of a great coach I can’t stand watching
this pull your skirt down u sound like a girl we had one down year in
4years campqred to the last 10 hope u know what you are doin

Brett Wheeler says:

What gets me is how York claims, “I’m accountable.” How? In what way? To
whom? Who’s going to fire you? What do you have on the line? Ultimately:
nothing. With revenue sharing, the team that comes in last makes just as
much as the team that wins the Super Bowl. Hollow words from a kid who was
born into wealth and doesn’t get it.

logan chu says:

Please sell the team Jed since you know nothing about football to i.e.
Steve Young, Brent Jones, Ronnie Lotts and Company..please 

SFNaturalMuscle says:

Here’s to Jed York leading the Whiners for many decades! If you didn’t
know better, you’d have to believe this douche was a Seahawks mole or was
on Paul Allen’s payroll. Go ‘Hawks!

49ers1975 says:

mike shanahan wouldn’t want to coach this team as long as both of you are
there…he is not a dick sucker or be your puppet

Steve Hanna says:

This seems like a Jerry Jones move when he fired Jimmy Johnson…

pentaquine says:

It’s fucking ridiculous that a grown man can say “I’m accountable”
shamelessly so many times. That’s because you’re not going to lose anything
no matter what shit you’ve done. If you really feel you’re accountable just
get the fuck out of there and let Jim stay.

D Holm says:

Jim is a bigger man than these two. That was the problem. Bigger in every
way except title.

nathan brown says:

And they wonder why they didn’t win a SB. What a couple of TOOLS. Anyone
that can make Jim H. look good has real issues. GL SF.

Chaplain15 says:

The thing that really bugs me is the whole “hold me accountable” garbage.
There’s no way that if this team doesn’t win a Super Bowl in the next 5
years, that the York family will sell the franchise to someone else. 

Hillary Brown says:

confess to the fireworks you had with Coach Harbaugh Jed York….

Spun Carny says:

“I’m sorry, Jim, it’s not you, it’s me. I think we should break up. I think
it would be best for both of us if we see other people. But we’ll always be

Zacofonix says:

Ferris bueller-looking cunt. Fucking disgusting.

Tyler Ferris says:

This is not a rebuilding situation. this is a reloading situation.. i like

Jim Gregory says:

Born on third base and thinks he hit a triple

bamasno1 says:

“We’re all about winning Super Bowls, which is why we parted ways with the
coach that gave us the best chance of winning one.”

Ballsdeep21379 says:

these guys are messed up, fans should not let these two forget it. 

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