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LeBron James Is The COOLEST DAD EVER! Coaches Bronny’s Team In Vegas!

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LeBron James was just as locked into coaching his son as he is when he plays in the finals. King James coached Bronny’s team as they faced the Oakland Soliders in Vegas. LeBron was so into the game we’re surprised he didn’t get a tech! He was at halfcourt coaching most the game LOL. Bronny Jr. took the L but he and his teammates continue to play awesome and show real potential for the future!


Michael Hunter III says:

His ankles got broken so bad he could not walk no more

malik hardy says:

take his dick out yo throat

theBEAST21 says:

number 2 is raw in all these d rich tv videos


Steph curry with such a girly name that he can't produce a son

Matthew Gray says:

I never see lebrorns son score

Rich Da Kid 23 says:

Bronnie and the white boy remind me of Lebron and Kyle Korver

Joe Gonzales says:

I can beat Lebron son and we're same age

FruityTube says:

Why this nigga Lebron wearing a arm sleeve?

TObeIRIE 4life says:

That's baller that Labron can just coach on the court right in the middle of the game and the other coach has to be a normal coach and coach from the bench!!

King Heem says:

Who TF was the thick pretty redbone lady on the other…Dam 👀😍

ronny rambo says:

number 2 is better than lebron jr

Poizehn says:

why is lebron always wearing a sleeve

Ghost Henson says:

Overtime, Get off his d*ck. Almost Every kid that plays sports dad does this. Foh. This is normal.

rizzy says:

Lebrun son a point guard eww😭

Master Wright says:

lebrun could be the only coach to literally stand on the half court line the whole game and not get told shit lol

Ti Nation says:

Man LeBron is acting just like Lavar and y'all and saying shit. Wtf is up this that?

Kavalan says:

Kyrie don't wanna be his "son" no more.

Thomas Anderson says:

3/8 < 5/7 < 6/6

Edouard Coly says:

whats the song track name?

GUWOPX10 says:

Lol So lebron gets a vip pass to walk all over the court when he feels like it

Road Hog says:

Boy gonna be flopping like daddy real soon 😌

TheMrDicat says:

If this was Lavar at a LaMelo game he would be getting so much hate for being on the court the whole game.

Shamilah Thompson says:

WHY the kids have attitudes when being reprimanded

WTN Prophecy says:

Lol every other NBA player hooping while Landon chilling

Stephen Kennedy Jr. says:

LeBron accused #3 on the Oakland Soldiers team of being older than the age limit because he was fucking Bronny up

Dol lo says:

Why is lebron on the court yet at the 3 point line. If i was the Ref ill be like "TECH TECH" get YO BIG ASS OFF THE COURT


Lavar ball is one of the best dads ever. He along with his sons can choose what they wear. Labron Shaq and all the other puppets are trying to be real now. The real is back.


People sleeping on #2

LadyDrift says:

My little brother is #3 on the Oakland Soldiers!! So proud of my King ❤️

Le Joph says:

Sit your asses down. Guys in white. Step out of the court Your not Lebron.

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