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Let’s Talk: Coaching in Smash 4

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Coaching is a controversial topic among Fighting Games in general and Smash is no exception. There are pros and cons for everything, but here is my opinion on Coaching in the Smash for Wii U rule set.

Smash 4 Wii U ruleset: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CFaeel_cVIImEZ7ZrIrb_fSva5H3tsN24yp2INyrVLE/


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brady_boy 26 says:

I value level of play well more than just 1v1 also to me coaching should always be a part of sports including esports all players are offered the ability to have a coach now I wouldn't be against having the rule changed but o feel like it is similar to football coaching where in between plays coaches tell the players what to do and have to get the players to adjust the game plan around what the other team is doing but all of the execution and in the moment adaption happens from the players this is very similar to smash mid set coaching just on a team scale instead of 1v1 which I really don't care about compared to seeing the best possible play from both players. Most of the responsibility of the game goes to the player as long as we keep a quick time limit. Also the fact that TOs are not executing the rule properly does not make it an inherently bad rule using this as a reason to ban it seems foolish because the TOs should be enforcing it as well as they possibly can and understand the rule to the best of their abilities. If they don't care about the rule now that's an entirely different problem.

Nemesis EX says:

Not sure coaching should be banned, but I do like the idea of having people sign up in advance.

Nemesis EX says:

Hey man,
great video. You really broke down the issue in a way everyone could understand. You addressed some of the problems that have gone unnoticed or haven't been addressed before. I also found the different perspectives helpful for working something out.
Keep up the good work!

kyopamyu says:

See, my issue with coaching is more towards the mess its rules are right now. There is no objective other than allowing coaching and that only makes sets more complicated (even to the point people have been DQ'd).

Ian Smart says:

what are your thoughts on notes like the ones dabuz used? if coaching were to be banned, would you also ban mid set note looking?

Andrew Pinzon says:

The only reason why I'm against coaching is that not everyone has one.

Adam Jabr says:

I don't 100% agree with this but I feel like the way Zinoto said it is the best way to say it.

Gabu says:

I 100% agree with this. I dislike coaching as it makes some matches feel like 1 vs 1.5 Rather then 1 vs 1.

Jay See says:

I absolutely agree! If there is a petition I can sign let me know!

TF2 Unboxing says:

The first time I agree with a diddy main. :'^)

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