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Life Coaching from Gabrielle Bernstein

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Life Coaching Event from Gabrielle Bernstein. Sponsored by Tetley USA.


Jolita Brilliant says:


Charlie Cakes says:

Thank you Gabby!

Normandy F says:

I love your Guided Meditation. It brings so much positive energy. I’m so
happy to see such a mature unselfish young beautiful woman inside & out in
this world. Thank you so very very much Gabrielle. Yes you ARE the BOMB!!!

Michael J. Pappa says:


Piara Christina Morales Kaur says:

I was in Kundalini Yoga Training with this women and she discounted the
gifts and talents of others she thinks she is the only one who is gifted!
we are all creators for God and we are all gifted by God! and God blesses
us all!

Nnumesi umesii says:

Seriously WTF are you talking about?

Coach Nicole says:

totally sharing this video thank you so much!

ECQ says:

love it 

Suzanne Nichols says:

Eric. You are misjudging this woman and you have no reason to do so
especially not wise to do so based on one video. From your posts all I feel
is your ego. From Gabrielle there’s a very Godly Spirit and if you don’t
feel or get that then maybe it’s you. Just saying. And please no replies to
me. I won’t be back to read any more of your wisdom. It’s not empowering
which again tells me it’s not of God. ‘Projection’…you might want to look
that concept up…take care. Oh! And btw Gabrielle…another awesome talk.
So glad I found you and even more glad that you rediscovered yourself.
Namaste’ and much gratefulness for having found you on the web. :)

Eric Archuleta says:

I I I I i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i I have listen to several of your you tube
vids! your message is positive I will give you that, however, you never
talk about the creator of your spirit, with out the creator you have no
spirit, this is a problem. What makes you think your the creator, why do I
ask, you never talk about the creator you seen to take all the credit for
your spiritualism. I this I that I I I I ,do you realy think your the
creator of your destiny. With out the creator you are nothing,

Eric Archuleta says:

You see you think I this and I that but the fact of the matter is we are a
collective of energy, we are one. Once you learn to tap into this
collective, you will know the difference once it happens. you see the
secret is opening you third eye, once you do that you will be able enjoy
the universal experience! This is where any thing is possible. and please
change the I to we you belong to a universal collective so why not tap into
this collective, It here waiting for you!

Eric Archuleta says:

my words only make sense if you start reading with my bottom post and work
you way up! Thank you

Eric Archuleta says:

One last thing. the difference in prayer and meditation is in prayer you
pray to your creator this give you protective vail. Once you meditate you
enter a different relm, in this place you open your self to the universal
collective, in this collective is many different entities, this can be
dangerous unless you protective your self it kind of a seat belt and helmet
in stead in going into the race with out then, would you race with out a
helmet and seat belt, I don’t think so

Eric Archuleta says:

So your thinking why is this guy harrising me? Well you will learn, you
could in crease you power my a 10 fold just my giving thanks to the
creator. Well maybe you know this but the you tube vids I have watched you
never talk about this, You want to take all the credit, this is very
selfish and imurchure when you teach other people to mediate the way you do
you invite negative energy that can descise it self as positive.
Enlightenment is a long road and you my dear have just started!!!

Eric Archuleta says:

So in the future stop taking all the credit, you will learn you have angels
all around you 24 – 7 and they guide you so give them some credit, with out
god and without god lending you his angels you are nothing! Satan is the
great desciser dont leave you self open to that, I hope you understand what
I an trying to tell you, you a beautiful lady and you seem to have a
mission , however you need to protect your self better and the students u
teach also, good luck and god bless

Eric Archuleta says:

You see Satan is a predator , and how do predators hunt, they seek out the
weakest, the old or young. easy kill. Well meditation with out a protective
is vail is very dangerous, so always start you meditations with a prayer to
give thanks to your creator and your angels and ask then to help you if you
need it this will give you the vail you need to be safe!

2028 END says:

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