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Life Coaching “Mini Session”

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To learn about Life Coaching classes and training at SWIHA go to http://www.swiha.edu/certificates/life-coaching.html In this scenario, two acquaintances catch up over coffee. One is a professional Life Coach and the other person begins asking advice. Often, friends or family members want to share their thoughts, explore their feelings and discuss their issues or personal situations in order to seek improvement. This can be an opportunity to practice life coaching skills and can be handled smoothly and respectfully. It is just one great example of the value our classes hold for anyone interested in beginning their journey to starting a Life Coaching practice. Plus, our entire 100-hour Life Coaching program is now available online! http://online.swiha.edu/index.php/education/programs-a-courses/life-coaching


Tony Cribbs says:

I got a huge takeaway from this video .. Love these life coaching tips 

max power says:


Melissa de Ortiz says:

I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking life coaching sessions in a public place

darylsmitts says:

where was the tip? 

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