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Life Coaching Session | SuraCenter.com

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melodieDeLaVie says:


michelleaustralia says:

I thought it was a really good coaching session. Thank you for sharing =)

Alexandrea J. says:

Wow this was powerful and I loved it! I could see how some people think
it’s counseling-however, I studied to become a counselor (and now I’m
pursuing life coaching) and so it’s a little easy for me to see the
differences-even if they are subtle. You apply a lot of therapeutic tools
BUT they are effective-so use them. BUT you stick to the now. You don’t
dwell in her past-you bring it all back to the issue she’s facing today.
Great job! Thanks for posting this! 🙂

sunwolf962 says:

Hard to differenciate from theraputical approach…..more then coaching

Elizabeth Brown says:

Good stuff though…but it’s counseling

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